Don’t stay inside your Chicago apartment on a beautiful day. Get out into the sun, or wind, or snow, and get your fill of fresh air. has five suggestions for outdoor activities to get you out and about in Chicago.

Take a Bike Tour

There are a ton of fun, easy, affordable bike tours operating in the city of Chicago. This option is particularly appealing if you’re new in town and want to learn your way around. Check out Green Chicago Bicycle Tour, the Chicago Lakefront Neighborhoods Bicycle Tour, Friendly Chicago Neighborhoods Bicycle Tour, or a handful of others. Ride through funky neighborhoods, around the lake, and past Millennium Park’s public art. Most tours travel for less than 10 miles and are rated easy.

Get into the Garden

Chicago Botanic Garden is a massive collection of separate smaller gardens, each with their own appeal. There are 24 different areas to wander through, covering 385 acres of ground. Check out the Fruit and Vegetable Garden, the Waterfall Garden, or the English Walled Garden. You’ll see odd and interesting plants, brilliant landscaping, and get plenty of strolling in.

Slide on the Ice

Just because winter’s come doesn’t mean you’ll want to be stuck indoors. One interesting outdoor activity for those not afraid of a little frigidity is curling. The Chicago Curling Club offers lessons for beginners—that’s you! All you need is appropriate clothing, flat-bottomed shoes with clean soles, two and a half hours, and $35. Are you any good at curling? There’s only one way to find out!

Befriend the Farmers

Outdoor activities in Chicago aren’t only for the adventurous. You can spend hours outside at the Green City Market and reap the bounty of the land while you wander. This massive farmers’ market attracts growers from across the Midwest. Here you’ll find everything from flowers to fresh eggs to fruits and vegetables. Green City Market is open 7AM to 1PM on Wednesdays and Saturdays from May to October.

Fly Like the Wind

One of the biggest perks of living along Lake Michigan is sailing. If you’re not quite an able bodied seaman yet, Chicago Sailing will show you the ropes (which sailors call “lines”) in private or group lessons. If you’re not keen on being captain, you can also arrange to just take a ride around the lake. If you’re heading out on the water, don’t forget something warm. Even in the summer it can get cool running with the wind.

What are your favorite outdoor activities in The Windy City?