Living with a roommate can be a wonderful experience. You have someone to greet you when you get home and to send you off when you leave. There’s another person to help with chores and the cost of rent is lower. However, the winter season can be stressful if you and your roommates celebrate different holidays. Fortunately, there are ways for all of you to decorate and celebrate in harmony. Hello, Chrismukkah!

Gage Comfort Levels

Talk to your roommates to discover just how strongly they hold to their traditions and whether yours are bothersome. Are they comfortable with looking at your decorations and vice versa? If you are all laid back, you can decorate the apartment with features from every holiday. However, if you or your roommates don’t want to stare at the baubles from holidays you don’t celebrate, you may want to work out another strategy–like only decorating your bedrooms.


If you have all decided your decorations can cohabitate in the apartment peacefully, be prepared to compromise. The end table in the living room is prime real estate for miniature Christmas trees and Chanukah menorahs, but both items may not fit. Rather than fighting over the space, find ways to share. Make a list of all the spots in your apartment where decorations fit or look nice. Each of you can choose an equal number of spots to use. High-priority zones can be worth two places that are less featured. For example, if the manger scene wins the fireplace mantel, then the Star of David can be hung on the wall and in the kitchen.

Combining Decorations for Chrimukkah

Another way to mix decorations for multiple holidays is to fit them together into a new hybrid holiday: Chrismukkah.