Living with your significant other can be a rewarding opportunity for growth, but sharing a place is always tricky. You probably have limited closet space in your apartment as it is, and combining your wardrobes only makes finding a spot to stash your clothing that much more challenging.

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Fortunately, you can use a few storage options to optimize your space and fit all of your belongings. Here are some super easy closet ideas for creating a little harmony in your apartment:

Divide and Conquer

You don’t want to accidentally grab your significant other’s pants one day or mix up which belt belongs to whom. Separate your items by designating certain areas for each person. Some closet ideas have you divide the space down the center, which is probably the most decisive route.

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You can also differentiate ownership through categorization. For example, while all the shoes go in a certain rack, his might be on the bottom while yours are on the top.

Add Levels

His and hers closets have to accommodate a variety of clothing types. Menswear typically includes shirts (both dress and casual), slacks, jeans, belts, shoes and sweaters. The best part about a man’s wardrobe is that all the items are relatively short. Make use of the length of his garments by creating two or more rows of rods on his side of the closet. Assign each level a purpose, such as designating the top row for shirts.

The floor is a level too, and it’s the perfect space to place a shoe rack or hamper. Don’t let any free areas go unused in a his-and-hers closet—otherwise you won’t have enough room for all those cute outfits!

The women’s side of a closet should use levels but also include a space that only has one row. Your dresses hang much lower than your shirts, so you should have only one rod. You may also hang long jackets and skirts in this spot.

Use Storage Items

Be on the lookout for nifty products designed to make closet storage easy. Shoe racks, baskets, shelves and drawers will help you make the most out of the space you have. Add shelves on an open section of your closet wall and place folded items or shoes there.

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You can also hang back-of-the-door organizers that let you insert shoes vertically. Home good stores and the Internet will be great resources for finding handy products.