You don’t truly realize how many clothes you have in your closet until you have to pack them up into boxes. When moving out and heading to your new apartment, you shouldn’t just shove your clothes into bags. This will only leave them wrinkled and very disorganized.

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Follow these packing tips for keeping your clothes in great shape during the move:

Keep Some Items in Your Dresser

Not everything has to be pulled out of your vanity drawers before your move. Instead, keep lightweight items like socks and underwear in your dresser. This way, you know where they’ll be when you get to your new apartment and you won’t have to find another box or bag to put them in.

Use What You Have

Instead of seeking out alternative boxes and bags, use the empty containers that you’re already bringing with you. This is one of the most convenient packing tips, as you can fill suitcases, hampers and other baskets with your clothes. After all, if you have an empty container, why not pack it with garments? Then you’ll have one less box to move.

Grab a Trash Bag

Eliminate the need for taking your clothes off of the hangers and folding them by using a trash bag. Grab a large trash bag and pull it around the garments hanging in your closet, starting from the bottom. Cinch the bag at the top so the hangers don’t fall in. Once you arrive in your apartment, all you’ll have to do is open up the bag and hang your clothing collection!

Vacuum-Seal Clothing

That pile of out-of-season clothing is likely just going to be put into storage in your new apartment, so save yourself time and space by vacuum sealing those garments. This way, your clothes will take up much less room in the moving van and you can put the bag directly into storage once you arrive.

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