Students heading to the City of Brotherly Love to earn a degree may want to save some dough to buy Philly cheesesteaks and head to ball games during the summer. If you are attending one of the colleges in Philadelphia, you may be happy to know that you will pay roughly the same amount in rent whether you find a two- or three-bedroom apartment. That’s right, the same price with more space, flexibility of channel surfing and an extra few minutes of shower time.

However, you might have to dish out a bit more money to live closer to campus. The extra funds will put you near all your friends and classes, and within walking distance of all of the school’s amenities. But students will spend an average of $222 per person each month to live near campus, which is a 34-percent premium for convenience. When you are looking for a Philadelphia apartment for the first time, why not explore a neighborhood that will introduce you to a whole new side of the city instead of just staying on campus?

Drexel University

Welcoming more than 25,000 students each year, Drexel University is one of America’s top 15 largest private universities. If you’d rather save some dough when you are looking for a Philadelphia apartment near Drexel University, you will find that renting further from campus will save you an average of $245 a month per person. This gives you ample funds to satisfy your sweet tooth or treat yourself after you aced an exam. With that extra cash, you can buy 40 orders of Banana Xango at $5.99 a piece from Landmark America. This local favorite was ranked No. 3 on the “Top 10 American Restaurants” in Philadelphia by Foursquare.

Temple University

As one of the top rated comprehensive public research schools in Philadelphia, Temple University offers more than 100 programs to more than 35,000 students each year. If you would prefer to commute to school via public transportation or biking, you can save around $150 each month by living further away from campus. And with all that exercise you are getting walking and biking around town, you can surely treat yourself to some local cuisine. In fact, the money you save will buy you 13 Abbaye cheesesteaks (at $11 a ​ pop) at The Abbaye. This hot spot is rated among the “Top 10 Bars” in Philadelphia on Foursquare.