Seattle, known to be the home of the famous Space Needle and the doctors of Grey’s Anatomy, also boasts exceptional college campuses for incoming students. Filled with a laid-back attitude, diverse neighborhoods, exciting outdoor activities and a thriving arts scene, there’s always plenty to do and see. As college students are already well aware of, monthly rent on top of tuition for colleges in Seattle can really make a dent in your wallet and prevent you from taking part in everything that this town has to offer. But living expenses don’t have to bring you down anymore.

It’s best to find a roommate to share the monthly rent with, because students searching for a Seattle apartment without a roommate will be paying $208 more per month on average. Of course, if you have a history with the whole roommate thing not working out, you can still save some green by living a little further from campus. In fact, students can have an extra $300 in their pocket per month if they make the move.

University of Washington

This public institution spans 703 acres and is known as a commuter school. Freshmen are not required to live on campus, which can actually save money in the long run. Students looking to rent near the University of Washington can put about $233 more a month in their wallets simply by living further from campus. And what can you do with all that money? The possibilities are endless. You could buy 56 cupcakes from Trophy Cupcakes, ranked among the “Top 10 Bakeries” in Seattle on Foursquare. That’s certainly a sweet deal.

Seattle Pacific University

This college is located in the Queen Anne neighborhood of the city, just about 10 minutes from downtown. When you’re not studying and attending class, you’ll still want to be able to check out all of the city’s finest attractions, like Olympic Sculpture Park, Pike Place Market, the Space Needle, the Seattle Aquarium and more. If you’d like to check all of these must-see destinations off your list before you graduate, you need the cash to do so. The good news is, Seattle Pacific students can save about $207 a month by living with an additional roommate. That translates to approximately 43 pints from The George & Dragon Pub, ranked #1 on the “Top 10 Best Pubs” in Seattle by Foursquare. If an extra roommate means less money toward rent and more toward beer, that’s a deal anyone would take.