When you’re looking for a new apartment rental, you usually have an idea of what your perfect apartment will look like. Perhaps it’s a two-bedroom, one-bath, spacious living room and a large kitchen. But in some cases, instead of simply stumbling upon your dream place, you might have to create your perfect apartment living environment.

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If this is the case, converting your property with a temporary false wall is one way to achieve this goal, and can also be an easy way to save some money!

Perks of False Walls

Temporary walls are a great way to create more rooms with the space that you have. If you live alone, a convertible wall can be used to divide a large living room into spaces such as an office or a guest room. Many times, roommates choose to install false walls to transform a large one bedroom apartment into two, and similarly, studio apartments can often be converted into one bedroom pads.

When converting a one bedroom apartment into a living space for two, renting can become much more affordable for both parties. Convertible walls are used so frequently that it’s often difficult to tell them apart from real walls!

Price of False Walls

The cost to install a temporary false wall can vary greatly, depending on what your individual needs might be. It’s important to note that while temporary walls can save you a lot of money in the long-run, the walls themselves are not always cheap. There is typically a down payment required when purchasing a wall, in addition to the cost of the actual wall. Down payments usually fall within the range of $200 to $500 and the cost of the wall can average from $1300 to $1800.

In addition, there are sometimes costs associated with the installation and taking down of the wall. When pricing out companies, see which companies might be willing to install and take down your wall for no extra charge.

Restrictions on False Walls

Before purchasing your new wall, make sure to first check with your landlord to confirm that the building allows for walls to be built. Some buildings or property owners do not allow temporary walls, so this is an important first step.

False walls are great options to help personalize your space. Whether you’re seeking an extra bedroom, a walk-in closet or an alcove for a reading nook, these walls allow you to create a new apartment that fits with your lifestyle. Just remember: taking the proper precautions are necessary, but will pay off in the end!

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