We’re guessing that you like to save money. Who doesn’t? Coupon clipping may seem like a chore, but with these tips for saving money, you may find yourself reaching for your scissors.

Diversify Your Sources

You may have gotten a Sunday paper and made a habit of cutting coupons from there, but getting multiple newspapers will increase your bounty. Just be sure to purchase subscriptions that aren’t too expensive at papers that have good ads. You can also go to local businesses that carry newspapers and ask for the out-of-date ones–they may give them to you for free.

The Internet is a source for a lot of things, and coupons are there too. Many of your favorite stores put out ads online or on their mobile apps. Be sure to download your favorite store apps and follow your favorite brands on social media for saving opportunities.

Buy in Bulk

When grocery shopping, most people make a list of what they need and will buy those items regardless of whether or not they are on sale. Rather than using this method, buy only what items are on sale or that you have a coupon for, and purchase them in large quantities. You may be wondering how you’ll meet your weekly menu, but if you have a stockpile of food you bought at a reduced price, you will find meals to create. Buying in bulk allows you to purchase items you use at a lower cost and will ensure you have them for a while.This way, you won’t have to run to the store later in the week to buy something you are out of at a higher price.

Get with the Lingo

Do you know if your coupons are stackable? Does your store offer double discount deals? It may sound like Latin, but answering those questions will help you save. If coupons are stackable, it means the manufacturer is allowing you to use its coupon along with the store’s coupons. A double discount deal period is where a coupon is worth double the value on certain days. Taking advantage of these opportunities is sure to save you money.

There are also acronyms you need to be familiar with. You probably know BOGO (buy one get one), but there’s also OYNO (on your next order) and MIR (mail-in rebate). Get in on these offers when they are available.


When coupon clipping in extreme amounts, it’s easy to get a little discombobulated. You are sure to use your coupons more wisely if you know what each is for and how to access it easily. Coupons expire and organization can help you prevent the waste of a savings opportunity.

Divide your bounty by product category. Organizing this way, though it takes more initial time, will make your shopping trips simpler. Once you have the coupons organized, place the older ones in the front of whatever you keep them in. This way, you’ll remember to use those first.