A bonus of living with a roommate? You have a built in partner-in-crime to do fun stuff with! If your roomie’s birthday is quickly approaching, consider some of these fun and fresh roommate birthday ideas:

Go on an Adventure in Your Own City

Wish you could whisk your roommate away for a girls’ weekend at a spa resort, but can’t spare the cost? Have a girls-only getaway right in your own city! Find a cool, boutique lodging option from AirBNB, or trade apartments with casual friends for the weekend. Being in an exciting, new space will make things seem more fun than if you were just hanging out in your own apartment. Once you’re at your temporary home, its time to break out the champagne, girl talk, nail polish–or whatever suits your style. Just make sure to clean up your temporary space before you head home. Prefer a less girly excursion? Head to a professional sports game, go bowling, play whirlyball or find a local brewery to tour!

See a Quirky Show

If you can’t afford to go to a Broadway musical this year, consider a quirky show instead! Look through local entertainment guides to find the weirdest entertainment your city offers–whether it’s Chicago’s Star Wars-themed burlesque or NYC’s puppet show rendition of the “The Three Little Pigs.”

Offer Your Services

A roommate birthday might call for a little leeway in divvying up chores! If your roommate detests doing the dishes, offer to handle them throughout the birthday week. Another idea is to use your professional expertise to gift your roommate: If you’re going to school for massage therapy, welcome the birthday girl or guy with a complimentary massage after work! Attending culinary classes? Whip up a delicious gourmet meal at home or treat your roomie to a special dinner at the chef’s table where you work.

Add to Your Pad

The most obvious choice for roommate birthday gifts are things that add to your shared space, like a new piece of furniture, shared pet, piece of wall art or new cookware. The trouble with these gifts is that they often are hard to part with if and when the two of you decide to move on from your current living situation. If you are giving this type of gift, it’s probably best to treat it as an actual gift, knowing that it’s your roommate’s to keep after you move out.

Do you have a creative roommate birthday gift in mind? Tell us about it in the comments!