Removable wallpaper is a godsend for apartment dwellers because it’s a temporary decorative item that adds flare to your space without sticking around after you move. This product gives you the freedom to create the look you’ve always wanted for your abode with ease and without fear of upsetting your landlord (can’t have that, now can we?).

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Of course, removable wallpaper doesn’t have to be reserved for walls. Here are some creative decorating ideas sure to give you some inspiration:

Wall Art

While removable wallpaper can be used to cover the walls, it may also make an appearance as a work of art. You can place the paper in old frames that you’ve repainted. Purchase frames in numerous shapes and sizes to create a gallery display that features your favorite wallpaper design. Of course, if you have more modern tastes, pick three identical and sleek frames to house the paper. Hang them on the wall side-by-side for a unique and large set of decorative pieces.

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Make a statement by forgoing the frame altogether and turning a strip of wallpaper into a hanging tapestry. Wrap the top and bottom of the paper around a rod. The top rod should have a piece of ribbon or string tied around each end. You can hang your new wall art using a nail or hook.

Pop Door

Many people paint their rooms in two colors: one for most walls and another shade for an accent wall. You can borrow this decorating concept by applying removable wallpaper to a door. Whether you stick the paper to a closet or bathroom door, the pattern and color will help it pop. Pick a shade that complements the room in which you use the wallpaper.

Furniture Decal

Breathe new life into your furniture by using removable wallpaper. Start by painting the furniture item in a shade you like (if it isn’t colorful already). Then, pick wallpaper in the same or complementing color with a fun pattern.

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You can make the paper stand out even more by picking a loud pattern in a shade that’s different from the furniture. Only apply the paper in select spots, such as the inside of drawers, the top of a coffee table or between the molding of a dresser.


Turn old coffee canisters, boring cardboard boxes and unsightly lampshades into beautiful decorations by using removable wallpaper. For example, if you have a lampshade that has stains or marks, simply cut the paper to fit the circumference of the shade, then apply it.

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Old coffee canisters can become pencil holders and cardboard boxes can be transformed into decorative storage units by implementing the same method.

Ceiling Accent

Have you ever seen ceilings that have a decorative feature, such as a painting or pattern? It looks lovely! Other homes have what’s called a medallion, or a round disk that holds up a chandelier. You can use removable wallpaper to create a similar look.

Don’t cover the entire ceiling because the finished product will be too overpowering. Instead, concentrate on the center of the ceiling. Cut the paper to reach within a few feet of the ceiling’s perimeter and add molding around the wallpaper to act as a border.



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