Whether you’re new to the city or looking for a Dallas apartment in a new neighborhood, you need to keep your lifestyle in mind. If you love live music or going out for drinks, it’s good to know which areas have the best nightlife. Here are the top Dallas neighborhoods for a night out on the town:

Bishop Arts District

This Dallas neighborhood used to only be known to residents of the area, but it is quickly becoming praised for its wealth of nightlife options. It’s located just south of downtown Dallas and is flanked by West Davis, Zang, Bishop and Eighth streets. Former warehouses have been turned into posh eateries, and some of the restaurants that call this neighborhood home are farm-to-table concepts that serve great organic food. Additionally, you can have a cocktail at Bolsa or listen to live music at Eno’s Pizza Tavern.

Deep Ellum

Just east of downtown is an area called Deep Ellum. Locals know it as the place to view the work of emerging and established artists and enjoy live music. Residents call this neighborhood the birthplace of jazz and blues, yet you can hear musicians play tons of other genres of music here too, from rock ‘n’ roll to hip-hop. Deep Ellum is so trendy, in fact, that people compare it to SoHo in New York City or a posh neighborhood in New Orleans. If you’re looking for international music, check out Club DaDa or Trees.

Oak Lawn

Oak Lawn has a major LGBT nightlife scene. The Havana Lounge has a Cuban vibe and​ is a great dinner and nightlife spot. The club Kaliente also has a Latino twist. Station 4 is the club for people who love to dance until the wee hours of the morning. Sue Ellen’s is a place for ladies who want to shake a tail feather and have a good time.

Victory Park

This Dallas neighborhood, Victory Park, is a 75-acre planned development that is home to trendy shops and tons of nightlife options. It’s where people go to have a glamorous evening socializing at Ghost Bar or the W-Dallas Victory Hotel. Additionally, if you’re there, you can check out the House of Blues, Hard Rock Cafe and other nightlife and dining venues.


A list of top nightlife neighborhoods in Dallas wouldn’t be complete without a mention of Downtown. In recent years, this district went through a renaissance that brought 4-star restaurants, nightclubs and tons of live music establishments into its confines. You can see comedians at Mouth or the Dallas Comedy House. Also, check out Luxx Nightclub, Synn, Plush or Le Vu for an evening of dancing. There are tons of bars here, including Boxwood, Alligator Cafe and Stingrays.

Design District

If you love art, check out the Design District. It’s home to world-famous studios and showrooms. Also, there are a variety of restaurants and nightlife venues to enjoy after you view the latest Dallas masterpieces. Meddlesome Moth is known for its expansive beer collection, and Oak is one of the newest spots on the scene.