Part of the fun of living in your own apartment is having the freedom to decorate. But sometimes it can be hard to generate ideas and find your personal sense of taste. Fortunately, there are endless sources for inspiration, including the looks of celebrity homes, which you can recreate for less. If you’re designing your living room, try taking some decorating tips from one of these stars:

Ben Stiller

This actor is known mostly for his comedic roles, but his living room decor is enviable. Stiller’s space is a mix of modern and classic all placed in a Spanish revival home. While your apartment may not be built in the same era, you can find inspiration in the decor

The walls of Stiller’s living room are a deep turquoise blue. The rich color is complemented with charcoal and black furniture. The sofas are distinctly mid-century modern in style, while his coffee table is a wooden piece with more ornamentation. Stiller’s walls feature black and white photography and there are several plants strategically placed around the space.

Get the Look

You may not be able to paint the walls of your rental, but you can still get the colors that Stiller used in his home. Choose accent pieces that are the same rich blue color, including a rug and throw pillows. Bring the dark charcoal color of the furniture into the room with curtains. The key to mixing styles is to match some other feature–hue in this case. You can also add houseplants to mimic Stiller’s decor.

Julianne Moore

This gorgeous red-headed celebrity has impeccable taste in living room decor. The best part about her style is that she used a lot of neutral colors, making it easy for you to copy. You won’t have to worry about paint and you can always liven up the space if your tastes change over time.

The best way to summarize Moore’s living room is “simple.” The neutral palette of brown, cream and white is complemented by an assortment of modern furniture and only a couple decorative pieces. She hung a framed piece of art over the fireplace, has a couple of plants and nice lamps, and that’s about it. The most interesting part of her decor is the variety of material used. Several lamps and her coffee table are made of rustic wood. Another lamp is made of paper.

Get the Look

Julianne’s style is easy to mimic in an apartment … you already have the stark white walls! Use neutral tones with a few select pops of color to mimic Moore’s style. Incorporate wooden accent pieces and a few houseplants. Add some branch-themed artwork, and voila!

Gerard Butler

This famous actor has a warm, inviting living room complete with leather seating, a heavy wood coffee table and a glass chandelier. The plaster walls and wood-framed windows create a masculine bohemian room.

Get the Look

Your living room can have the Gerard Butler-look by incorporating neutral tones and natural materials. Choose leather–or faux leather–sofas and wooden tables. Simulate Bulter’s gorgeous view with framed photos of your favorite locations. Finish the room off with vintage accents like a floral footstool.