If you’ve rented a small apartment in the city, chances are your bathroom is also lacking in square footage. While it’s not exactly a deal-breaker, it can be difficult to come up with small bathroom decorating ideas to make the space your own. The prospect of redecorating can be a little intimidating (there are so many choices!)–but don’t panic! We’ve broken it all down to make your life a little easier. Check out these easy ways to decorate a small bathroom:

Free Up Floor Space

Rather than adding yet another contraption to your bathroom to store all your  toiletries and grooming products, think vertical. Floating shelves from places like Ikea are inexpensive and are an easy way to store all the things that need to keep in your bathroom. Whether you choose to use matching baskets or go for a more modern look with bold-colored plastic bins, this small bathroom decorating idea will free up floor space (say goodbye to that rolling cart!) while keeping everything you need right at your fingertips.

Hang Photos

You’re probably thinking, OK, is this a guide for how to decorate a small bathroom or a living room? In all seriousness, hanging photos in your bathroom will give it a little more personality and pizazz. Head to your local flea market or thrift store to pick up some antique-looking frames, and arrange them in a collection on the wall. Fill them with photos of your favorite travel destinations so you can daydream while you blow dry your hair each morning.

Let in the Light

Spaces feel larger when they are filled with natural light, so if your bathroom has a window, make the most of it! If the space looks more like a bunker, try replacing the light bulbs with energy-efficient options–they’re brighter and last longer than those bulbs that are seemingly from the 1990s that currently inhabit your light fixtures.

Bring in Mirrors

While your bathroom likely came equipped with a mirror above the sink, adding a few more to the room will make the space seem larger and bring a cool, modern look to your bathroom design. Search for something with a funky frame or unique detailing to insert a little personality into–let’s face it–one of the most-used rooms in your apartment.

Throw Up Some Paint

When contemplating design ideas for small apartments, we often think of what can be done to the living room or kitchen and neglect the bathroom completely. If you’re allowed to paint, while you’re picking out a color to cover those white-washed walls in your bedroom, snap up a shade for your bathroom as well! You can use a soothing blue or green tone to create a relaxing space, or go for more luxurious look by using a gray or burgundy color. Just make sure you keep it simple–a busy-looking bathroom can become overwhelming for its occupants.