Nothing brightens up an apartment like fresh flowers and herbs, but decorated flower pots can be so expensive! Fortunately, there’s no need to spend your rainy day fund on a perfectly decorated pot the next time you head to the store. Instead, buy one that’s a little less expensive and use these creative ideas for decorating flower pots to give it a personality all its own.

Put Your Magazines to Use

If you think you’re the only one in America with piles of old magazines lying around your apartment, you would be wrong. Instead of throwing them in the recycling bin, put those magazines to use! Decorating flower pots with your favorite pages of National Geographic is easy.

After choosing your pot and pages, create homemade mod podge by combining equal parts of glue and water and mixing in a spoonful of varnish. Paint your mixture on the pot, apply the pieces of paper in a collage format, and coat with a final layer of mod podge. Let dry, and you have a beautiful flower pot with personality!

Get Painting

There are endless possibilities for decorating flower pots when you decide to use paint. Terra cotta flower pots can be transformed with a bit of spray paint or concrete waterproofing sealer and latex exterior house paint.

One method that’s particularly creative involves biodegradable paper pots and natural dye. To make your own dye, chop plant material (such as beets and dahlias) into small pieces. For every cup of plant material, add two cups of water to a pot. Let the mixture simmer on the stove for an hour and strain out the plants.

Now you’re ready to get started! Simply dip your pots into the dyes you’ve created and experiment with different methods. There’s no wrong way to do it! Just be sure to cover your table with a plastic tarp to avoid inadvertently dying your furniture.

Use Your Words

Ever have trouble remembering which plant is which in your apartment vegetable garden? Simple chalkboard flower pots will make it easy. All you need to do is head to your local hardware store to buy some chalkboard paint, and use it to paint the collars of your clay pots. After it dries, use chalk to write the name of each plant! You can also make notes about care or get creative by doodling designs on the side.