Living with roommates can feel like a juggling act, especially when your personal taste doesn’t match your roommate’s. Decorating with roommates doesn’t have to mean the end of a harmonious apartment. With a little effort and some conversation you can both figure out a compromise that works.


Start by discussing the furniture you need or have on a functional level. What do you use on a daily basis and what do you use it for? This will help you identify the things you will absolutely need versus things you don’t use. Purge the apartment of the items that you don’t want or the things that don’t serve a function.

Clear the Clutter

When planning what to move, it’s a good idea to share what you have with your roommate. You’ve both probably accumulated stuff over time that won’t fit in a small apartment when combined with your roommate’s belongings. Discuss what you think will work in the apartment as a team. While you’re doing this, remember to keep compromise in mind. After you’ve cleared out some space, the things you’ve picked out together can be brought in.


Come to the table with the mindset that you are willing to give in a little to your roommate’s needs. Odds are, you both won’t get everything you want, but with a little talking you can find a happy medium. The hardest part about compromise will be putting your emotions aside. Don’t let the conversation get too heated. Remember: You both want the apartment to look great and you both want to be happy living together. If there are moments when you’re hitting a wall, take a break. Do something fun together like stopping by a local coffee shop.  


A very simple way to decorate with roommates is using neutral tones in your decor. Creams and browns leave you a blank canvas that isn’t overtly leaning toward one roommate. You can make shared spaces like the kitchen and living room basic while pouring all of your personal taste into your bedroom.


Look for elements that complement one another. Maybe your roommate likes darker, modern tones, while you are all about neons. Keep the living room neutral with a charcoal sofa and cream throw blanket. Then, pick a bright color for pillows and pictures. This way, you both have a feature that you contributed to the space. This can be done with patterns as well. Look for ways to bring your styles together cohesively.



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