Color schemes are a huge decorating tool, so select a new palette with spring colors to update your decor this season! Winter colors include gem tones (such as emerald and ruby), wine palettes, and metallics. Those are all beautiful colors, but they carry a certain visual weight.

Choosing Spring Colors

You should be able to describe your apartment decor palette as light (both in tone and ambiance). Look to flowers for ideas. You’ll be able to find tons of shades you love and you can pull the room together by putting the flowers that inspired you in one of those curvy vases we mentioned earlier.

Green is a standard color for spring. You can mix a variety of hues within the color to come up with an ombre or monochromatic design that radiates freshness and life.

You can also look to spring 2014 Pantone colors: hemlock (gray-green), radiant orchid (bright purple), placid blue (gray-blue), violet tulip, paloma (gray), sand, freesia (sunshine yellow), celosia orange, cayenne (pinkish red), and dazzling (or true) blue.

Spring Apartment Decor

Here are some great examples of incorporating Pantone’s 2014 spring colors into apartment decor. Click on the color palettes to enlarge.

Spring Color Palette  Spring Color Palette  Spring Color PaletteSpring Color Palette   Spring Color Palette  Spring Color Palette