Denver has a problem: too many cars and too few parking spaces. Street parking is at a premium–especially in densely populated areas on blocks filled with apartment buildings. So how is the city attempting to resolve the issue? Making it more difficult to obtain parking permits.

The Public Works Department has proposed new rules that will limit the number of parking permits given to people moving into apartment complexes with nine or more units, which will impact approximately 15,000 Denver residents in more than 8,500 units. Renters who apply for new permits will face increased scrutiny.

Last December, the Denver city council passed a bill changing the duration of parking permits–requiring Denver residents to renew their passes annually, rather than every three years. Now, Denver officials are considering enforcing a fee that would charge up to $40 per year for residential permits and up to $200 for new permits, though those fees will not take affect in 2014.

Public outcry over the proposed changes forced the city cancel a rule-making hearing earlier this month and participate in a public meeting to discuss the problem at hand. The city is hoping to formalize new parking rules in early 2014.