Beauty products are fun to buy–but man, can they be expensive! Even if you stick with budget brands, women’s beauty needs can take a toll on the wallet. Luckily, you can make lots of beauty products in the comfort of your own home! DIY beauty products are easy and fun to make. Bonus: If you make your own beauty products, you can rest assured that your favorite products are cruelty-free and totally natural.

Kissed by a Rose

Who doesn’t love a good rose? This quintessentially romantic bloom not only looks pretty–it smells fantastic! Rather than sporting eau de chemicals, make your perfume at home from beautiful and softly scented rose petals! All you need is some distilled water, about six cups of rose petals, some vodka, glycerin, rose essential oil, a funnel, some cheesecloth, an eyedropper and a perfume bottle. Place the rose petals in the distilled water and bring to a boil. Next, reduce the heat and simmer for about two hours (your apartment is going to smell so fresh!). After the petals are done simmering, place the cheesecloth in the funnel and strain the liquid through it. Allow your mixture to cool. In a separate bowl, mix about two cups of your rose-water mixture with three tablespoons of vodka, 10 drops of rose essential oil and four drops of glycerin. Pour your perfume into a bottle and you’re all set to smell gorgeous for the spring season!


Skin masks can be some of the most expensive beauty products, and to find quality masks, you have to spend top-dollar. Store-bought skin masks often contain baby oil and water (very cheap ingredients), which companies use to reduce costs and maximize profit. To get a high-quality product that will truly work effectively, make your own mask! Combine a small avocado, about ⅓ cup of grated cucumber, three tablespoons of green clay powder (which, according to Martha Stewart, you can find at natural food stores like Whole Foods) and about a teaspoon of freshly squeezed lemon juice. Combine the ingredients in a small bowl, using a whisk or fork to blend them together. Refrigerate for at least half an hour, and your mask will be ready to use! This mask works as a balancing agent, meaning that the various ingredients will be beneficial to all aspects of your skin: the avocado’s luscious fats will moisturize; the lemon juice will help exfoliate and unclog your pores; cucumber will fight inflammation; and green clay will allow the ingredients to deep-clean your skin.


Modern beauty trends, unfortunately, call for a year-round tan. Unfortunately, most of us have complexions that don’t agree with this approach to color–tanning beds and overexposure to UV rays are severely dangerous to our health! Hence, the advent of bronzer. You can make your own bronzer at home by mixing cocoa powder, arrowroot powder (or cornstarch) and a bit of turmeric! Make sure to play around with your ratios here: One size does not fit all in terms of bronzer tones. As an added bonus, spicy turmeric has been hailed for its skin benefits, and can help brighten your complexion and fight acne.

If you try any of these DIY beauty projects, let us know how it goes!