DIY decor is a great way to add a personal touch to your apartment without breaking the bank.  However, with the endless possibilities and inspiration found on Pinterest to paint, knit and refurbish, it can be overwhelming sometimes to know where to begin.  There’s a solution to kick starting your DIY hobby, and that’s where Darby Smart comes in. Darby Smart is a community of designers that creates DIY project kits with everything you need to create style without the hassle of finding the right stencils, molds or fabrics.

We decided to give it a try and created the Chic Striped Vases ($24) since they are perfect for creating a large impact in a small space with bold lines and a fun fringe. Check out how we did it and a find a few of our helpful hints below!

Chic Striped Vases  DIY Decor Kit

The kit comes with instructions, two cans of Krylon spray paint, super glue, three tall glass vases, metallic gold thread and tassel end caps. You’ll need your own painter’s tape and scissor! We also suggest having a rag, nail polish remover and Q-tips handy in case you make mistakes.

Step 1: Apply Tape

Start creating your design with the painter’s tape. You can make zigzags for a chevron effect or simple stripes.

Chic Striped Vases - Step 1 - Chevron Chic Striped Vases - Step 1


If you want your base to be white with black stripes, paint one vase completely white and let dry before taping (about 15 minutes).

Step 2: Spray Paint

Start spray painting over your tape. Make sure that the tape is tight against the glass to avoid drips. Try spray painting from about 12 inches away at a downward angle in quick, light motions. This way, you won’t get the drips you see here.

Chic Striped Vases - Step 2 - Chevron Chic Striped Vases - Step 2

You may want to spray paint outside so you don’t make a mess and stink up your apartment. If you don’t have outdoor space, put down some drop cloths and open a window.

Step 3: Paint Touch-Ups

After the paint has dried completely, peel off your tape and check out how you did. We had a few drips here and there so we soaked a Q-tip in some nail polish remover to correct any blemishes. 

Chic Striped Vases - Step 3

Step 4: Finishing Touches

To create the tassel, take one package of metallic gold thread and cut it in the middle without allowing the thread to unravel. Split the pile in half for two tassels and bend each in half. Drop 1-2 drops of super glue into your tassel end. Quickly insert your bent tassel thread into the end. When finished, cut the ends of the tassel and fringe.Take your time with the tassel! If you happen to get super glue on your hands—don’t panic. Apply some nail polish remover (with acetone) using a cloth, or you can soak them in warm soapy water.

Voila! Now you have three beautiful vases to place around your apartment!

DIY Decor - Finished Chic Striped Vases