The desk at your home office should be a space that is not only productive, but stylish as well. After all, who wants to sit at a desk that’s boring and uninspiring? Here are a few DIY desk ideas that will help you get organized and make working at home much more enjoyable:

Organize Drawers

With so many little essentials like paper clips, tape, pencils, staples and pens sitting in your desk drawers, it can be easy for everything to get cluttered.

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Instead of buying drawer dividers, just borrow the muffin tin from your kitchen. The slots are perfect for storing tiny items, and the entire pan will sit effortlessly in your desk drawer.

Create Your Own Desk

Don’t have a desk lying around that you can use for your home office? For a DIY desk, you can use an old door and mount it on painted table legs. Just prime and paint the door, and use a contrasting hue on the table legs for a statement desk. Another DIY desk option would be to use an old table you have lying around, and use filing cabinets in place of drawers.

Repurpose Items

If your kitchen is stocked up on decorative coffee mugs or teacups, consider borrowing a few of them in order to store office essentials. Mugs offer a stylish way to give some life to the surface of your desk.

Make A Mousepad

A mousepad is a simple way to bring a pop of color to your home office. Instead of buying one, consider making your own! Choose a piece of fabric that matches the rest of the room’s design and place a non-slip shelf liner underneath it. Sew the liner around the edge of the fabric. Once you’re done, brush a thin layer of Mod​ge Podge over the fabric to make it easy for your mouse to slide around.

Decorate Your Walls

The walls around your office should be filled with encouraging and inspirational pieces. Consider hanging pictures of family or friends or grouping ornate mirrors together to create a stunning focal point.

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You can also create your own work of art using something that might already be in your kitchen: a potato! Slice your potato into the shape you would like and use it as a stamp – dip it into paint and press it onto paper to create a design that’s all your own.



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