You don’t have to have a pocket full of cash to make your boyfriend or girlfriend feel special on Valentine’s Day. Sometime, the most special presents are the ones that you make yourself. Forget the chocolates and flowers this year. Tap your creative side and make any of these DIY gifts for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift:

Memory Board or Scrapbook

DIY Valentines Gifts - Scrapbook

When it comes to DIY gifts, this is the most personal. Gather mementos of all of the memories that you and your significant other have shared throughout your time together. Then, determine how much time you have and you’re crafting abilities.

Quick and Easy: Paint a cookie sheet and add some decorative paper. Use magnets to add your photos.

Intermediate: Grab a scrapbook kit from a craft store. Kits give you just about everything you need, so it’s the most affordable way to create a scrapbook. Plus, most kits give you ideas if you want some inspiration.

Advanced: If you’re a serious crafter, you can get ultra creative with your DIY gift for Valentine’s Day–like this “Love Storybook” made with paper lunch bags.


Wall Art

DIY Valentines Gifts - Wall Art

All it takes to create this one-of-a-kind present is a favorite photo and a canvas. You can actually print your picture onto the canvas for a vintage effect and a beautiful piece of artwork that your S.O. can hang on his or her wall. Brush the surface of the canvas with a coat of clear gloss finish and then place a transparency of your picture ink-side down onto the canvas. Then, peel off the film to reveal a beautiful canvas with a special image printed on it.

Valentine’s Day–like this “Love Storybook” made with paper lunch bags.


Personalize a Pillow

DIY Valentines Gifts - Pillows

Guys and girls alike will love this DIY gift. You can personalize a pillow with a picture, a word, a design or a favorite quote that your significant other can cuddle with on the couch or when they go to sleep. This is perfect for long distance couples who don’t get to see each other too often. You will always be reminded of each other with a comfy personalized pillow.

Valentine’s Day–like this “Love Storybook” made with paper lunch bags.


Heart-Shaped Soap

DIY Valentines Gifts - Soap

Enhance the shower or bath time of your boyfriend or girlfriend with delicious smelling soap that you made yourself. You can even form the soap into hearts, or another shape of your choice, and engrave the word “love” into each bar. Use a 2-inch cookie cutter and 2.5 pounds of glycerin soap to make 16 different heart soaps.

Valentine’s Day–like this “Love Storybook” made with paper lunch bags.



DIY Valentines Gifts - Cookies

Who wouldn’t love getting a sweet treat on Valentine’s Day? If you’re talented in the kitchen, whip up heart-shaped cookies topped with colored icing. You can personalize each cookie by writing a love note or word in white frosting.

Valentine’s Day–like this “Love Storybook” made with paper lunch bags.


Mustache Mug

DIY Valentines Gifts - Mustache Mug

If you still need a gift for your loved one, consider feeding their need for tea or coffee with a mug. But not just any mug. Using a sharpie, Pebeo porcelaine gel and a pen, you can draw a fun mustache at the top of the mug for a quirky gift that anyone would love. Draw the mustache with your sharpie and trace around the edges with the Pebeo pen. Then, fill in the drawing with the gel stain and bake at 300 degrees Fahrenheit for 40 minutes.


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