A headboard is the perfect accessory to complete the look of your apartment bedroom. It can fill up a blank wall and add a splash of color and texture to your room. But if you head to the store to purchase one, you may find they’re a little bit on the expensive side. The good news is, you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on a headboard. In fact, you can make your own headboard using materials found around your apartment. Consider any of these DIY headboards for a stylish bedroom:

Fabric-Covered Cardboard

A headboard can be the focal point of your room by using fabric of various colors and patterns to cover it. Head to your local craft store and pick out fabric that matches the rest of your room’s design and some batting to go along with it. Flatten a large cardboard box to use as your base. You can even the cut the cardboard into an interesting shape.

Cut the fabric and batting about 10-to-14 inches longer than the width of the cardboard. Spray the upper portion of the board with adhesive and gently lay the first layer of batting in place. Spray on more adhesive and lay on a second layer of batting. Press into position, lay the fabric on top and straighten. Next, smooth the fabric and stretch tightly, flip over the headboard and staple the fabric and batting every 3 inches. At the corners, remove excess batting and fold the fabric as if you were wrapping a package.


Corrugated Tin Roofing

For a bedroom with a modern or industrial aesthetic, consider using an eye-catching material like corrugated tin roofing. It offers a metallic shimmer and the wavy texture adds personality to the room. The edges can be smoothed with a grinder to make whatever shape you want for your headboard before screwing it into the wall.


Floor Boards

A few old floor boards can easily be turned into a beautiful headboard. Remove any nails or sharp objects from the wood and cut the boards to the desired size using a table saw. Sand the surface and place supports perpendicular to the boards. Screw the supports into the wood. Next comes the fun part. If you have a favorite word, quote or phrase, you can use stencils to arrange letters onto your headboard and trace them with a marker. When you’re done, use craft paint to fill the letters in with a color of your choice.


T-Shirt Collection

Have a stack of T-shirts you don’t wear anymore but can’t bring yourself to throw them out? Well, your threads can be transformed into a headboard. Use old T-shirts, jerseys or blankets to create a collage of color over your bed. Cut squares of plywood all into the same size and cover them in batting. Wrap the edges around the back using hot glue to keep them in place, then cut the T-shirts a little bigger than the batting squares. Wrap each shirt around one of the squares and use hot glue to adhere it.


[Image Source: DIY Network – Courtesy of Design by Joanne Palmissano, Photo by Susan Teare]

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