If your landlord is slow to fix issues in your apartment, you might be forced to take matters into your own hands Here are a few tips on DIY home repair to keep your place in tip-top shape throughout the year:

Getting Started

The first step to solving an issues in your apartment is building a decent tool set. Whether you are replacing a light fixture or hanging up a new bar in your coat closet, you will need tools that get the job done. You do not need a complete construction site tool belt, but you should have the basics. Make sure your collection includes the basics: a hammer, different screwdrivers in various sizes, fixed and adjustable wrenches, nuts, bolts and screws.

Mold Spots

Take care of these allergen-spreading health hazards with some basic cleaning products. Dilute a cup of bleach in a gallon of warm water. Scrub out the fungi, dry and repeat until there are no traces of mold. After the area is completely dry, ask your landlord to repaint. If possible, use a mildew-resistant paint to prevent any future flare-ups.

Toilet Issues

Check the holes under and around the rim of the toilet. Lackluster flushing might be a case of calcium and other minerals building up. A quick scrub with a brush that has thick, sturdy bristles should do the trick. To fix toilets that leak, first check out the ball float in the water tank. Adjust the arm of the ball float to the correct level by tightening the screw atop the arm apparatus. You should also make sure the flapper is functioning properly. Remove and clean up any sediment that might prevent a solid seal around the flapper. Read our Handy Bathroom Maintenance post for more tips.

Noisy Doors

If squeaky doors are driving you crazy, use a rotary tool for a DIY home repair solution in no time. A Dremel XPR can shave down the edge of the door that is sticking. If you can’t determine which edge is causing the problem, rub the area with chalk. When you close the door, you will be able to see a chalk line where the edge was touching the frame. Lubricate the hinges with petroleum jelly or WD-40. They work just as well as oil and are cheaper to get.

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