My husband and I have a little bit of a zoo in our rental house: We have a cat, a little dog and a big dog. As Halloween quickly approaches, I was thinking about how to get my furbabies involved in the fun, so naturally, I went to Pinterest to find DIY pet costumes for Halloween.

DIY Dog Costumes … For Your Little Dog

My little dog, Bella, is my baby, and she actually doesn’t mind wearing clothing at all. She has a full wardrobe, but she only gets dressed for special occasions. Here are some of the cutest DIY dog costumes I found for little dogs:



DIY Dog Costumes … For Your Big Dog

My big dog, Wally, will not wear a costume—he will try to eat it. If you’re lucky enough to get your big dog to dress up for Halloween, here are some really great DIY dog costumes for big dogs. The Poop Factory is definitely my favorite.



DIY Cat Costumes

If you can get your cat to wear a Halloween costume, I am impressed. My cat definitely won’t wear anything … but she does love to get inside boxes, so whoever came up with that idea is a total genius. Here are some of my favorite DIY cat costumes:


Have you dressed your pet up in an adorable costume? Send photos to so I can ooh and aww over them!

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