A spice rack is an often overlooked tool that every kitchen needs. It might sound like a bit of a carpentry challenge, but making your own DIY spice rack doesn’t require woodworking skills. And the best part is that, like most DIY projects, it can save you some money.

Under the Cupboard

DIY Spice Racks - Under the Cabinet

Most kitchen cupboards have a little bit of space beneath them that is covered by trim. Don’t let the space go to waste! Instead, hang your spice jars from here. If the bottom of your cupboard is wood, you’ll want a metal sheet cut to fit into the spot you’re using.

Nail or staple the metal onto the underside of the cabinet. Get clear glass jars with metal lids. Place a small, very strong (neodymium magnets will do the trick) magnet on the inside of the jar lid. Strong magnets won’t require any glue as they will stick to the metal sheet through the lid. Finally, label the jars near the bottom so the names will be visible.


Crate Rack

DIY Spice Racks - Wooden Coke Crate

Wall-mounted spice racks take up very little space in your kitchen and you can make one without having to build a shelf yourself. Pick up a crate at thrift store. Classic Coca-Cola crates work well. If it does not already have spacial dividers, you can used reclaimed wood pieces and insert them into the box. This requires cutting and gluing wood, so it takes extra effort.

If you don’t feel like attempting a small carpentry feat, be sure to find a crate that already has dividers. Clean it out, mount it on the wall and insert spice jars.


Magnet Frame

DIY Spice Racks - Magnetic Board

Find a nice, large frame at a retail shop to use as the spice mount. Cut a piece of wood to fit within the frame, then cover the wood in a sheet of metal. You can opt to spray paint the metal with chalkboard paint to write on it later. Then, get yourself some more neodymium magnets to glue to the top of your spice jars.

Mount the frame and stick the jars on it. If you used chalkboard paint, you won’t need labels. However, if you wish to label your spice jars, do so on the bottom as that is the part that will be facing you.


Test Tubes

DIY Spice Racks - Test Tubes

This incredibly simple yet rustic spice rack requires test tubes with corks, a marker, spices and an open box or wire basket. Funnel your spices into the test tubes, then stop them with the cork. Use the marker to write the name of the spice on top, then arrange the tubes accessibly in the box.




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