No-sew throw pillows are an easy way to brighten up your apartment and make it truly feel like home. In the day and age of Pinterest, more people than ever before are going the DIY route when it comes to decorating their apartments. But if you’re not the crafty sort, the prospect of making DIY throw pillows can be pretty intimidating. (I don’t know about you, but I’ve never touched a sewing machine in my life.) Never fear! Here’s a handy guide to making no-sew throw pillows.


  • Thick, double-layer fabric

  • Pillow stuffing

  • A fabric marker

  • Scissors

  • Iron

  • Hot glue gun or iron-on adhesive tape (I recommend Stitch Witchery.)


  1. Find a piece of fabric that would like to make into a pillow. This can be anything from a discarded table runner to two cloth napkins. Make sure that you’re using thick, double-layer fabric.

  2. If you’re using a table runner, measure it to determine how many pillows you will be able to make, depending upon the size you’re looking for. Mark it with a fabric marker and cut accordingly. (The cloth napkins, as you may have guessed, already come pre-cut.)

  3. Fold the cut edge of the cloth approximately three-quarters of an inch inside and press it down with an iron to make sure you have good crease. You may want to hold it down with stick pins to make sure that the seam you’re creating is an even line.

  4. Iron on the adhesive or use hot glue to close the seams you created on three of the four sides of your pillow. If you’ve folded a table runner in half, you’ll only want to do this on two sides, leaving a hole.

  5. Fill your pillow with stuffing until it is approximately three-quarters full. You can use anything you like, although I recommend polyester fiberfill.

  6. Use the iron-on adhesive or hot glue to close the seam on the remaining side of your pillow, but leave three inches of an opening on the end so you can finish stuffing your no-sew throw pillow.

  7. Stuff the pillow to your desired fullness.

  8. Close the remaining hole in the seam using hot glue or iron-on adhesive.

  9. Place the no-sew throw pillow on your couch and admire your handiwork!

Was making DIY throw pillows easier than you thought?