When you move into a new apartment, you have plenty of blank wall space to work with. Give life and personality to your space by getting creative with your apartment decorating.

You don’t have to splurge on expensive art pieces or paintings. Instead, consider any of these DIY wall decor ideas:

Frame Wallpaper

If you find some decorative wallpaper that you love, frame it! Wallpaper can serve as a fun and unique piece for your wall, and is easy to incorporate into a number of interior design styles, from modern to vintage to retro.

For instance, if your apartment is modern or contemporary, choose frames that are simple and straightforward, and look for graphic wallpaper prints. But for a vintage design, you can lean toward ornate frames and detailed designs.

Mount Boxes for Unique Shelving

Not sure what to do with the shoe boxes that you have stuffed into your closet? Try painting them and dressing up the inside with decorative wallpaper.The boxes can be hung on the wall like a shelf to display lightweight items like a small vase of flowers or a picture. For a sturdier solution, you can purchase inexpensive boxes or wooden crates.

Use Your Instagram Photos

Have Instagram pictures that you can’t get enough of? Instead of looking at them on your smartphone, consider turning them into wall art! Create a college, or choose your favorite photo and blow it up.

Have the picture enlarged using an online photo service; then pick out a frame that coordinates with the picture and the rest of your DIY wall decor.

Group Together Postcards

Some of the best wall art ideas don’t cost any money at all. Take your collection of postcards from friends and family and turn them into personalized wall decor. Lay them all out on a foam board or tack them onto a cork board.

Make a Thumbtack Canvas

All you need for this DIY project are some brass thumbtacks, paint and a canvas. Paint the canvas in whatever color matches the rest of your apartment, and use the brass thumbtacks to create a fun design, like stripes, polka dots, Chevron stripes or flowers.

Hang Clipboards

Line a few clipboards up on the wall that contain swatches of decorative fabric, wallpaper or large modern letters for an eclectic way to decorate your apartment. When you get tired of the artwork on the clipboards, all you have to do is replace the art for a new piece!