The holiday season is the perfect time to get crafty and create your own decor. Not only is making your own decorations a great way to add custom pieces to your home; but it’s also a great way to save money, especially this time of year when budgets may be tight.

DIY Wreath Tutorial

I’m going to share an easy and inexpensive tutorial for how to make a welcoming DIY wreath using magnolia leaves, but you could adapt this technique to use any type of fresh greenery.


What you’ll need:


  • Fresh magnolia leaves or greenery (Or faux, if you prefer)
  • Floral wire
  • Wire cutters
  • Metal wreath form
  • Ribbon

First, gather your leaves into groups of 4 or 5, making sure they are varying sizes. Tie the stems together using a short piece of floral wire. (About 3-4 inches long should be plenty. You can cut segments with your wire cutters.)


I recommend making at least 6-8 bunches. The more leaf bunches you make, the fuller your wreath will look.

Use short pieces of floral wire to attach the magnolia leaf bunches to the wreath form, spacing them a few inches apart.


Once you’ve attached all of your leaf bunches, tie a loop of ribbon to the back of the wreath form to act as your wreath hanger. Now, do not be alarmed if your wreath isn’t looking great at this point. It may be a bit floppy and not shaped perfectly. I recommend hanging it up to finish shaping it. Add more floral wire as needed to secure the leaves into the shape that you like. Arrange the leaves so that the stems and floral wire are covered. When you get it shaped to your liking, you’re done! Hang and enjoy.


Another option would be to spray paint the leaves silver or gold before creating your wreath. You could even mix a combination of metallic with regular green leaves. Feel free to get creative and customize it to suit your taste.

I hope this tutorial has inspired you to grab some seasonal greenery and get crafty! You can’t go wrong with a fresh, pretty wreath for the holidays.