Decorating your apartment can be one of the most exciting parts about moving into a new pad–that is, of course, if it didn’t cost so much money! Did you know that dollar store projects can actually be ultra chic and classy if you just put a little bit of creativity into them? Hazzah! Dollar store decorating let’s you have stylish décor without having to eat ramen for the next month.


There is so much more you can do with a vase than just keep flowers in it. A simple solution to add some oomph to a dollar store vase is to add enamel paint inside the vase. You’ll want to coat the entire interior of the vase with the paint and let it dry overnight. The next morning, you’ll have a versatile décor item that will add style and a pop of color to your space.


So, your rental is teeny tiny? Adding mirrors as décor can make even the smallest space look much bigger! There are many ways to give inexpensive mirrors a high-end look. For example, try stacking three floor-length mirror horizontally on the wall. Or, glue nine small mirrors together to create a tiled mirror look. Since no one is going to see the back, duct tape is a great and cheap way to adhere the mirrors if you don’t have a hot glue gun.


With dollar store decorating, you can make any item completely unique! Pick up some small toys from the dollar store, glitter, a paint brush and glue. Coat the animals with glue and toss glitter on top for a shimmery, shiny accent. You can use this technique with any kind of small figurine. Tip: Purchase the finest glitter you can find. It will go on much smoother and easier.

Shabby Chic Hooks

When you’re living in a small rental, no space should go unused! Utilizing wall space for storage is a great way to clear clutter, and provides an inexpensive decorating opportunity. For this dollar store project, you’ll want hooks, embossed metal stickers and paint–antique beige is perfect, but any hue will do. Remember, you’re going to paint the hooks, so it doesn’t matter what color or pattern that is on them at first. You’ll slather on a few coats of paint on the hook and the stickers, and let them dry. Then, you can add any color to the stickers, but stick to an antique green, peach or brown. Attach the sticker to the hook and you’ve got a vintage-inspired piece of décor! Hang scarves or purses from the hooks to add your own personal style to the space.

Have you created any dollar store decorating gems? Tell us about them in the comments!