Halloween can be an uncertain night for apartment-dwellers. Unless the building as a whole makes a clear plan, trick-or-treaters and candy givers alike are unsure of the expectations. Should you knock on doors in apartment buildings? How do you let people know you have candy? How do you let people know you don’t?

Fortunately, all of this confusion can be solved by planning an apartment-wide Halloween party during trick-or-treat time. Here are six great reasons to organize a candy-filled event for your whole building:

1. Fast Candy

6 Reasons to Have an Apartment Wide Trick-or-Treating Party - Fast Candy

The No. 1 reason on kids’ lists for wanting a building-wide trick-or-treat event: more candy, quicker. Since it’s a short walk from one apartment to the next, kids will fill up their candy bags or buckets in no time at all. This means they’ll have tons to sift through and trade at the end of the night.

2. Coat-Free

6 Reasons to Have an Apartment Wide Trick-or-Treating Party - Coat Free

Kids often put a lot of time and thought into what they’re wearing for Halloween. That’s why it can be so heartbreaking to have to wear a coat over the costume because the weather didn’t know that candy was on the line. Apartment trick-or-treaters don’t have to worry about cold, wind, or even rain, since they’ll be indoors. This means their costumes can get all the attention and recognition they deserve.

3. Allergy Simplification

6 Reasons to Have an Apartment Wide Trick-or-Treating Party - Allergy Simplification

Halloween can be a difficult evening for families with allergy concerns. However, if you’re planning an apartment-wide event, it’s a lot easier to coordinate around allergies. Families can let participating apartments know what their children will be wearing/what their allergies are, so other renters can have an allergy-safe treat or toy on hand when they come knocking.

If your building has a lot of kids with allergies, consider having an apartment-wide sign for “allergies,” like a purple ribbon incorporated into kids’ costumes.

4. More Energy

6 Reasons to Have an Apartment Wide Trick-or-Treating Party - More Energy

Because the walk from door to door is so short, kids won’t get tired as easily. This means they’ll be able to go the whole trick-or-treating time without sore feet or bad moods, and they’ll have plenty of energy to go through their takings after trick-or-treating is over.

5. Spooky Atmosphere

6 Reasons to Have an Apartment Wide Trick-or-Treating Party - Spooky Atmosphere

Your apartment can get into the spirit of the holiday by coming up with a consistent theme across the building for decorations. For example, you could decorate the whole building with skeletons or pumpkins. Alternatively, each floor can have its own theme. This will give the kids an extra bit of fun, since, in addition to candy, they’ll get to explore the different levels.

6. Safety

One advantage to indoor trick-or-treating that parents will love is that it’s a whole lot safer. Halloween can be a stressful night for parents, who have to deal with traffic and strangers while keeping track of a disguised child in the dark. Apartment trick-or-treating removes these concerns and lets parents have fun, too.

Tips for Planning

If you’re planning an apartment-wide Halloween party, make sure you have a clear start and stop time for trick-or-treating. It’s usually best to use your city’s trick-or-treat time to prevent confusion among residents.

Even if you don’t organize any particular decoration scheme throughout the floors, it’s best to only have one source of music per floor. Have each floor pick one person to play music so you don’t have conflicting tunes cutting across each other. If a local radio station plays Halloween music, however, it would be perfectly fine (and likely a cool effect) to have multiple people on the floor tuned in.

Be sure to come up with a clear way for residents to communicate that they’ve opted out of handing out candy. For example, you can have people who want to hand out candy tie a ribbon to their doorknobs, so trick-or-treaters know they’re welcome to knock. Whatever your sign is, make sure that it’s clearly communicated to the whole building.

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