Is your bedroom design a little lackluster? Are you sick of looking at the same bedroom decorating day after day? A quick bedroom makeover can give you a fresh outlook without dishing out a heaping pile of cash. Since you might not spend a lot of time in your bedroom, a stylish set-up doesn’t have to be elaborate. Here are a few decorating tips to revamp your space:


A few new throw pillows can make a huge difference when you’re doing a bedroom makeover. Think fun patterns and colors that match the existing theme in the room. And remember, this is your bedroom, so grab a few oversized pillows that are both cozy and aesthetically pleasing. Toss a few blankets into the mix and you may never want to leave your comfy–and beautiful–bed!

New Drapery

Hanging new drapery in your bedroom can make a dramatic difference in an instant. If you are really looking for a change, exaggerate the size of your windows. Whether you want to hang the drapes from the ceiling to the floor or extend the width of the windows, you can easily do so just by adjusting the position of the curtain rod. For an extra elaborate look, add texture by hanging two curtains, a sheer one and darker shade so you can draw both for a blacked-out room or just one to let a bit of natural light shine through.

Calm Colors

If you are considering a bedroom makeover that requires a bit more effort, think calm, soothing colors for the wall art and bed sheets. A bright hue can make the space busier, which may make it more difficult for you to unwind. Incorporate cool green, blue and beige colors, with accents of brighter hues like orange and yellow. If you are a lover of all things bright, you can still add pops of vibrancy with flowers, an area rug and pillows.

Bed Frame

Headboards and footboards are a bit pricey, but the addition of one in your room can make a huge difference. You can even make your own headboard with reclaimed wood. Use your imagination to create a unique design that is going to make your bedroom feel like the perfect place to snooze. Just want to give your current piece a new look? Add padding and fabric to the headboard and your entire room will look remodeled.