After a while, the decor of your bedroom may start to bore you. However, living on a budget might be holding you back from sprucing the place up. With a little creativity, you can find some do-it-yourself ways to change the feel of the room. Here are some DIY bedroom ideas to transform your living space:


You probably can’t paint the walls in your apartment bedroom, but look at the bright side: plain white walls make changing the look of your room a whole lot easier. You don’t have to completely overhaul your decor to do an apartment makeover. A simple way to change the color scheme of your bedroom is by swapping out pillows, blankets and knick-knacks.

Pillows are great because they are small. If you have a few throw pillows already, and you posses some sewing abilities, make new covers. Most fabric stores have remnant, or leftover, fabric that can be purchased at a discount. Pick up a few in colors and patterns you like and use them to make new pillow covers. If sewing isn’t your thing, check out our post about how to make no-sew pillow covers.

If your comforter is already colorful, you can still change it without spending a lot of money. Rather than purchasing a whole new bedding set, look for a duvet cover. Similar to pillow cases, duvet covers slip over your existing comforter. You can also sew a duvet by purchasing two sheets and sewing them together along the edges. (Remember to leave an opening so that you can slip in the comforter.)

Any decorations you have in your room can easily be upgraded to the new color scheme. Simply paint picture frames to match!


​You can give your current furniture a whole new look by recycling it into something that’s either more useful or closer to your tastes–a concept known as upcycling. Wooden furniture is perfect for upcycling, as you can make simple changes that have a huge impact on the look of your apartment bedroom. Try staining your headboard a different color, then adding a few decorative pieces that match.

If you don’t want to stain wood, you can always paint it. Your white dresser can easily become a brilliant turquoise. When painting furniture, there are a few steps you should take to be sure the piece looks nice and remains durable. Start by cleaning the furniture. Next, you’ll want to sand it down. Creating a rough texture gives the paint a clingable surface. Paint on a primer, sand one more time, and then you are ready to paint. To be sure the new color lasts, add a protective sealant layer.


Decorating on a budget doesn’t allow you to actually add more space to your bedroom. However, you can create the illusion of having a large room. Hang full-length mirrors on your closet door to reflect the space. Additionally, hang smaller mirrors as part of your wall art. Not only will the mirrors reflect the image of your room, they will also bounce light around.

Get Organized

Remove any items you no longer want or use by donating them to friends or thrift stores. Getting rid of clutter will open your room up and transform it into a tranquil space. You may be surprised by how different your room looks without those items you never used.