Armed with sewing machines, glue guns, and washi tape, do-it-yourself enthusiasts are warriors in their own rights. They can take a drab sofa and turn it into a modern marvel. They know how to repurpose  and upcycle mason jars into vases.

Elite DIYers can even outfit their entire apartments with thrift-store finds turned fabulous apartment decor. Do you have what it takes to join the ranks of DIY masters who spend their weekends building something beautiful? You can test your mettle by completing an easy project.

Once you see just how simple DIY is, you’ll be back for more! With that in mind, take a look at these easy DIY projects perfect for weekend warriors and new crafters alike:

Personalized Canvas Artwork

Hanging stretched canvas on your walls gives your room a gallery-inspired feel, and attaining that look is actually super simple. All you really need is a camera and a quick trip to a photo printing site.

Whenever you look through your digital photo albums and go “Dang, that picture is awesome!” make note. You can blow this image up, print it on canvas and hang it on your wall. Retailers like Snapfish and Canvas Pop use your photo files to create art— all you do is pick out the image!

Ladder Shelf

Need a cute nook to store books, or odds and ends? You could buy a bookshelf or, because we’re talkin’ DIY here, you’ve probably guessed that I’ll suggest making a shelf. Don’t panic. It’s easier than you think!

Pick up some plywood boards then head to your local thrift store to find a ladder (wood works best). Look for an A-frame ladder. Once you find a size you like, take it home and paint it any color that matches the rest of the decor in your apartment– don’t forget the plywood boards.

Remember to use painting best practices (do it outside, sand first, paint, and seal). When everything is dry, you can place the boards so they extend from the ladder rung on one side to the rung on the other (like the bar in the letter A). Then, use a hammer or drill to keep everything in place.

Voila! You have a handy upcycled shelf.

Stencil Fun

Stencils are another tool all DIY weekend warriors should have in their tool belt. They are versatile and easy to use, and they’re the star of these projects:

Pattern Painting: If your landlord lets you paint your apartment, you’re in luck! Grab a stencil in whatever pattern you like (I’m all about unique geometric shapes right now). Then lay the stencil against the wall and paint over it in the color of your choice.

Wall Art: Not all landlords allow their tenants to paint (womp womp), but you can still employ your stencil. Instead of painting on the wall, paint on canvas! You can leave the patterned art as is, or cut and glue an image (try an initial letter) over it.

Furniture Fixers

Do you have built-in shelves in your apartment? What about furniture items you aren’t too fond of? They don’t have to be drab pieces you shove to the side if you use a little DIY magic.

Grab a paint brush, x-acto knife, rubber cement, and fabric to transform the look of your apartment decor. Let’s use a standard bookshelf for example. You can stick some fabric in the inside of the shelf to give it a pop of color.

Paint rubber cement on the fabric (in whatever color and pattern you like best) and the shelf, and let both dry completely. Next, stick the fabric to the shelf. Finally, take your knife and cut away any excess fabric.

That’s it! The best part is the fabric will peel right off, which is why it’s OK to use on built-ins. I really want to try this on my tea hutch soon– just have to find my way to the craft store!

Herb Garden

Save money and always have fresh herbs on hand with this DIY herb garden. No green thumb required! You’ll need old tea tins or coffee cans, paint, soil, and seeds.

Paint and decorate the outside of a clean can (you can use chalkboard paint if you want to label your plants). When it’s dry, fill the can with soil and seeds. Place the cans by your window and wait for them to grow. Herbs need sunlight, which is why window placement is important. Don’t forget to water periodically.

These easy DIY projects can help you transform your apartment decor from nice to praise worthy! Once you’ve given them a try let us know how your homemade decor turned out!