You might expect lightning to strike when you find an apartment, but that’s not always the case. Some places simply have all the amenities on your checklist, or maybe you envisioned yourself living there when you took the apartment tour.

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Other times, knowing whether or not this is the place for you is even more difficult to discern. Next time  you need to find an apartment, remember these signs to help you know that you’ve found the right spot:

1. It’s in the Neighborhood You Wanted

Many people settle for signing the lease of an apartment located in a neighborhood in which they didn’t want to live. However, if the apartment you’re standing in also has an address that pleases you, it could be a sign you’ve found the one!

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2. There’s No Pressure to Sign

When you feel like the landlord is pushing you or you’re strapped on time, you are much more likely to sign a lease for a place you didn’t love. On the other hand, when the landlord is relaxed, you’re in no particular hurry and are drawn to the apartment anyway, it’s a great sign.

Remove the pressure as much as possible. Remind yourself that finding an apartment isn’t a race, and that the right one is out there. If a landlord is pressuring you, get away quickly! You should get the apartment because you love its features, not because you’re out of time.

3. It Has Your Priority Amenities

Say you wanted to live near public transportation, have on-site laundry and included parking. If this apartment meets all those needs, it could be the right place for you. Not every apartment can cover all the features you’d like to have, so make a priority list of all the ones that are a must. If a unit has everything on your “must” list, you’re golden!

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4. Management is Respectful and Helpful

Most people sign a lease for 12 months, which is a long time to have to deal with a management company you hate. If the landlord seems friendly, offers maintenance assistance and gets good reviews, you’ve probably found a company you can live with.

[Apartment Ratings & Reviews Now on] offers apartment ratings and reviews from certified residents (we’ve verified that they lived in the building), so you know you’re getting information you can trust.

5. It’s in Good Shape

Some apartments, especially those in older buildings, have issues from time to time. Whether some dents need to be repaired or the cabinets require replacement, maintenance problems do happen.

However, the apartment should look like it’s functional. If you see mold, water damage, dented walls and decaying window frames, you should avoid this apartment like the plague. Also, check to see that all the faucets and appliances are working properly. If everything seems in order, you have a nice place on your hands.

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Find an Apartment - 5 Signs