Your apartment will never really feel like home if you have bare walls. Although finding artwork may be the last thing on your mind as you scrape together money for rent and groceries each month, finding inexpensive art is easy if you know where to look. To give you apartment a bit of personality and decorate on a budget, try out these tips for finding (or creating!) fantastic artwork:

Buy the Print

If there’s an original piece of artwork that you absolutely love, buy a print instead of the original image. Then, instead of slapping the poster up on your wall with some tape (which may cause your apartment to start looking suspiciously similar to a dorm room), buy a frame to hang it in. If you’re feeling really crafty, purchase a canvas or foam board at your local art store and secure the print using Mod Podge.

Repurpose Postcards

Another way to decorate your apartment with inexpensive art is to buy postcards and put them in frames. If you like to travel or have friends who live in other cities, purchase postcards with photos that will trigger wonderful memories. You can also hang other unexpected items, such as wallpaper samples, in frames for instant art.

Rent Artwork

If you’re the type of person who’s dying to have original art in their apartment, renting is a great budget-friendly option. For just $25 to $65 dollars a month, you can rent original artwork from a website called Artsicle. To get started, you’ll take a simple quiz to identify your taste and Artsicle will pop out suggestions chosen by their curators. You can keep your rented piece as long as you like, and have the option of eventually purchasing it if you just can’t give it up!

The Working Proof

This online gallery and print shop is a great way to find inexpensive art and feel good about giving back. Each piece is paired with a charity chosen by the artist, and 15 percent of each sale is donated. Artists produce and sign each print themselves, and many are priced as low as $35. You can also browse the website to learn more about each artist and what they were trying to convey through their artwork.


If you really want to find artwork on the cheap, there’s no better way than doing it yourself! Your art can be as simple as hanging a scarf on the wall or as complicated as creating a magnetic Scrabble board. Check out our Pinterest page for some fantastic DIY ideas!