Fish are a great low-maintenance pet, but a standard fish bowl isn’t the most exciting way to decorate your apartment. Before you head to the pet store to find your perfect aquatic companion, consider searching for creative fish tank ideas that will also serve as decorative sculptures.

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The type of tank or bowl you purchase will partially depend upon the fish you get (goldfish are easy to care for and don’t need a sophisticated home). Here are some fish bowls you might find inspiring:


Search for a large glass teapot in which to place your new pet. It should be big enough that you can add environmental decor and your fish can still swim around. Set some pebbles at the bottom of the pot and use fake plants in which your fish can hide. Consider placing the fish bowl on a breakfast bar or as a centerpiece to your kitchen table–the teapot design will fit right in with the rest of your apartment decorating.

The best part about using a glass teapot for a fish tank is that it has a lid. Betta or fighting fish have a tendency to leap out of the water and can inadvertently fly out of the bowl. These types of fish need to live in a bowl that is covered to prevent them from accidentally exiting.

Mason Jar

For a creative fish tank idea, try a mason jar. Find the largest variety you can and place your small low-maintenance pet inside. As with the teapot, mason jars can be used to place environmental pieces, including rocks and faux aquatic shrubs. If you have a betta fish, poke holes in the mason jar lid and close it whenever you aren’t feeding your friend. You’ll want to get both a large jar and a small betta so your fish has room to swim. Consider tying a ribbon around the jar lip for a cute rustic touch.

The mason jar fish tank will look nice anywhere in your apartment, though you may want to place it in a room that has more rustic decor.

Wall-Mounted Bowl

You can find wall-mounted tanks online that allow you to avoid using counter space for your fish. One side of the bowl is completely flat and has a hole through which you’ll drill a screw. The actual tank bubbles out in a half sphere and there’s an opening at the top of the tank. Either use this design for a goldfish or place something over the hole for your betta.

If you have multiple fish, consider purchasing several of these wall-mounted bowls and hanging them in a line for creative and unique apartment decorating designs–plus you can just walk down the hall and feed each fish one by one! Use a bowl to scoop out dirty water when you have to clean the tank.

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