Resolutions to trim down after indulgences are sometimes stopped short by steep gym membership fees. Here’s how folks who live in Cleveland can bypass that with the following wealth of no-cost or low-cost fitness options.


Current Groups range from no-charge to $5 and up. Find the right group for you and partake in aerobic workouts, jumping rope to music, one hour meditations, dance fitness, bike rides, Frisbee games or dog walk groups to explore the city. You can even join in competitive activities and races.

City of Cleveland Recreation Centers

A well-established network of more than twenty rec centers offers a cornucopia of fitness opportunities: In- and outdoor pools, gyms, weight and fitness rooms, racquetball, sauna/steam rooms, boxing rings, indoor tracks, and even roller and ice rinks. And it’s all free!

Healthy Eating & Active Living

Scattered around Cleveland’s Buckeye, Larchmere, Woodland Hills and Shaker Square communities are get-togethers offered by HEAL: Healthy Eating & Active Living, and they are no-cost and open to everyone. Like their Facebook page to keep track of fun exercise groups plus activities for practicing healthy living skills, including affordable, healthful food habits and preparation.

The Aamoth Family Pediatric Wellness Center

MetroHealth provides no-charge drop-in programs for children and teenagers and their families to get healthy. They offer stretching classes, budget and healthful cooking lessons, support groups (such as a Diabetes Teen Club), and even workouts with a personal trainer.

Cleveland Clinic Wellness Programs

Take advantage of no-cost online programs to improve sleep, reduce stress levels, and “no diet, just eat right” recipe videos. Search their experts blog to see topics such as “All-Natural Afternoon Energizers,” or sign-up for their newsletters covering healthful gourmet recipes, holistic healing info, chronic pain management techniques and women’s health news. Stop smoking via their community outreach meetings, or benefit from their wonderful Fit Youth program which guides families of overweight children toward improved fitness for all members.

Easing into Fitness through Gentle Yoga

Slow and steady wins the race if you have old injuries which need catering to, or it’s been a while since you were active. Choose a gentle start to getting back in shape with these specialized Yoga classes, $10 and up.