A kid’s room isn’t just a space for your little one to sleep—the bedroom should be a functional area that spurs creativity and imagination. Children need to be happy and comfortable spending time in their room. After all, if your kid’s room is a space where they wants to be, it’s going to be a little easier to get them into bed each night. Consider any of these fun, kid-friendly bedroom decorating ideas:

Wall Decals

Wall decals are perfect for a child’s bedroom. Think of these stickers like a temporary tattoo—your child will love the decals, but when they grow out of the design or picture, it can be easily swapped for another. If your kid loves sports, find a wall decal of their favorite player or team. Your little one is a huge fan of Disney movies? Look for a wall decal of their favorite character. Endless possibilities!

Chalkboard Wall

Kids are famous for writing on their bedroom walls, so a chalkboard wall is the perfect creative outlet. He or she can create their own wall decorations and change them whenever they wish. You’re right–your landlord would definitely not appreciate you painting a wall black in your apartment, but you’re in luck: temporary chalkboard wallpaper exists!

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Art Gallery

If your child loves to draw or create their own artwork, you may want to consider framing the different pieces to create a gallery. Your kid will love the fact that their personal work is on display! They can show it off to friends that come over and add to it anytime they want. Another easy and affordable way to put your kid’s work on display is to hang it from a string or wire across the wall.

Reading Nook

Encourage a love for literature by decorating your kid’s room with a reading area. Incorporate cozy seating, a colorful shelf with all of your little one’s favorite books, and plenty of lighting. You can even create somewhat of a fort by hanging tulle or fabric for a snug spot to read.

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