Orlando Bloom, who most recently starred in “The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug,” has moved into an apartment in the Big Apple (next door to Taylor Swift, in fact). The English actor paid nearly $5 million for the gorgeous loft space, which is probably a bit out of your price range.

However, if you and Bloom share similar tastes, you can get the look in your place for much (much) less. All it takes is some savvy apartment decorating.

Get to Look: Hardwood Features

Get the Look Orlando Bloom's New NYC Apartment - Hardwood

One of the most obvious and beautiful features of Bloom’s New York City apartment is the copious amounts of wood. His floors are hardwood. The exposed rafters (drool) are wood. Basically, the place gleams a beautiful chestnut hue.

You don’t have to have a loft apartment to add stunning wood elements to your place, just target a few key areas. For starters, look for wood furniture. Try to get all of your pieces in the same material—there are a lot of wood options out there, and not all are the same color.

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If you’re a thrift shopper, you may not be able to get your hands on furniture that is all made from the same wood. Instead, restain your pieces to be a matching color. This is a cost-effective and fun way to transform your furniture and create a coherent interior design.

You can also add wood elements to your apartment by buying art and frames made of the dynamic natural material.

Get the Look: Industrial Elements

Get the Look Orlando Bloom's New NYC Apartment - Industrial

Bloom’s stunning abode is not only dressed head to toe in wood, it also has black steel beams and exposed brick walls. Together, these two elements give the space a very industrial look.

You can recreate the feel of Bloom’s apartment in your own by choosing an industrial design. For instance, get bar stools with a wood seat and wire legs, or lighting fixtures that mirror old mining lights.

Compile a bunch of inspirational images that have industrial design elements. Use these as a guide when shopping for apartment goodies.

Get the Look: Creature Comforts

Get the Look Orlando Bloom's New NYC Apartment - Comfort

Despite the industrial feel of Bloom’s apartment, the design still feels incredibly cozy. In part, this is because Bloom outfitted the place with comfortable items. The dining area is defined by a large rug. Various seating places are created with lighting and the overall color scheme is warm.

Be sure to add personal touches to your apartment to get the look. Area rugs are a great investment because they can separate different spaces and they offer a cozy texture beneath your feet.

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Lighting is important in any abode as it has the power to make your pad either cold or warm in atmosphere. Opt for yellow bulbs—you can get the warm glow of incandescent bulbs but save energy by purchasing compact fluorescent ones with colored glass.

Consider placing standing or table lamps near furniture. Doing so creates pools of light that set that space apart from others. Make a reading nook by placing a floor lamp near a reclining chair. Or make a work spot by setting a lamp on your desk.

Finally, you can mimic Bloom’s apartment design by choosing a warm color palette. Bloom brought out the red in his exposed brick walls by decorating with the color. Paintings, his rug and a couple of throw pillows subtly display splashes of red.

Yellow, ivory, gold and brown are also warm colors sure to make your apartment feel like home.

Get the Look: Simplicity

Get the Look Orlando Bloom's New NYC Apartment - Simplicity

Overall, Bloom’s NYC apartment feels open and airy. This is, in part, because the place is so dang huge! However, the apartment feels spacious also because he didn’t add much stuff. Each room is furnished with only the basics.

To pull off the simple look practically, you’ll need a lot of storage. Consider getting multifunctional furniture, such as ottomans, that allow you to place your belongings out of site. Closets are another big help.

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[Image Sources: Corcoran]