Renting an apartment is expensive–even when you share half the costs with a roommate. Good thing there are tons of daily deal sites available that serve as a marketing tool for companies and extend the savings to consumers. Here are some tips to get the most savings:

Read the Fine Print

When using with a deal site you should know how the website works and what is offered. Additionally, you need to read the fine print for each offer so you understand what is included in the promotion and what isn’t. Pay attention to dates–some offers for wine tastings and theater seats are only available during specific time periods.

Research the Savings

Before you click “buy” on daily deals you should make sure that the savings are worth it. For example, if you are buying a discounted dinner at a restaurant, review the eatery’s menu to ensure that you’ll enjoy dining there. Some deals are plainly stated, like saving $20 off a $50 bill. In other instances, the deal site will offer you a curated day of activities that includes some form of entertainment as well as food and drinks. Also, you can compare some deals on groceries and other tangible goods against newspaper coupons.

Use the Deal

Some people can’t pass up a good deal, but they don’t take into consideration whether they have time to use it or not. Before buying, check your schedule to ensure you are free to take advantage of the savings.

Report Any Problems

Don’t feel like you’re stuck with a deal–most sites have cancellation plans. You just have to do so within the timeframe stated in the fine print of the promotion. In many cases you’ll be refunded the full price of the deal or issued a credit toward a future purchase on the website.

Study the Sites

Review the various deal sites to learn which one is right for you. Groupon is a pretty straightforward website that offers discounts on travel, shopping, fitness and dining. LivingSocial does the same, but goes the extra step and offers packaged food and entertainment promotions. Amazon Local is similar to Groupon and offers up to 75 percent off of numerous goods.

Strike When the Moment is Right

Many of these websites time their promotions. So if there is a daily deal you find interesting, learn what you can about it fast and make your decision. Some deals run for days and others may only last hours.

Sign Up for Email Alerts

OK, it may be annoying to get constant messages from websites, but the best way to grab a deal fast is to get an early heads up on the promotion. You probably won’t have a chance to monitor each site while you’re at work, but you can take a quick glance at your email to check on the possible savings awaiting you.