Every so often in most friend groups, you will have someone who practices minimalism – or at least their version of it. According to TheMinimalists.com, minimalism is defined as “a tool to rid yourself of life’s excess in favor of focusing on what’s important—so you can find happiness, fulfillment, and freedom.” For each person that practices minimalism, this definition will vary, but the driving force behind the practice is likely the same.

If people don’t want “things,” what do you give them for a housewarming gift? Or a birthday gift? What is appropriate? Keep reading for some ideas about what to give to the minimalists in your life.

Gifts of Time or Service

Think about it; people choose minimalism seeking simplicity in their life. You can help make it even more simple with a gift of your time or the gift of a service. Consider gifting a few hours of babysitting, painting, cleaning, or even yard work. The recipient would appreciate the time and help provided, without adding to stuff piling up in their home.

Gifts of Experience

These can be as simple or as extravagant as you like! What about a gift card for a night at the movies? What about a couple’s massage? Is there a fancy restaurant your friend would like to try? You could even buy tickets to their favorite type of performance! Or, you could go another direction and buy a day pass to a theme park as a gift! There are so many options for great experiences rather than a gift that may just be returned.

Food Gifts

Everyone eats so this one is pretty simple! If you have a friend who is way into baking, consider purchasing the ingredients to one of their favorite baked goods! They can make the treats on their own time and consume the results – leaving minimal unneeded items behind. If they’re a grill master, consider purchasing their favorite meats to grill – steaks, chicken, pork – and stocking up their freezer. While it may take a little space up front, they will most likely eat it and it’s one less item they’ll need to purchase at the grocery store! Don’t be afraid to consider stocking their home bar with wine or liquor, but make sure you know what their favorite drinks are first.

Lessons or Classes

More often than not, lessons or classes take place outside of the home, therefore reducing anything that would need to be brought into the home! If you have a friend who is looking to improve their skills in the arts, with language, or even personal finance – there is probably a class or teacher available to teach some of these skills. Consider purchasing a pack of classes or lessons in something that interests them and that they can use in their own time.

Museum Memberships

These gifts are two-fold: good for the recipient and good for the museum where the membership is purchased. If you have a friend who loves to learn or is intrigued by a specific subject, this just might be the best gift for them. Often, a museum member is awarded other perks besides just free visits or discounts. Many institutions offer social events for members that include entertainment, food and drink, or professional development opportunities. A museum membership sounds a lot better than another set of dishes.

Whatever you decide, make sure it’s a gift that shows you take their minimalist approach to life seriously and that you care. If you can convey those sentiments to the minimalists in your life, that’s already quite a gift!