Let’s be honest—camping isn’t for everyone. Some people do much better with the whole nature thing than others. The idea of glamping, however, is turning even the most anti-campers into outdoorsy folk.

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Glamping is also known as luxury camping, and it’s a great option for a last-minute vacation. Feel like a celebrity with these glamping tips:

Swap Out Your Tent for a Yurt

Yurts are similar to tents, but they feature wood lattice frames and are covered with fabric. These are much more spacious and tastefully furnished than tents. They allow you to fit a full-sized bed in there, along with other furnishings. Chances are, you don’t own a yurt. But that’s OK, because there are lots of state parks within driving distance that allow you to rent one for an affordable price.

Dine On Real Food

Camping is often associated with foods like dried fruit, trail mix and granola bars. While those can certainly be tasty, they don’t exactly fill you up. With glamping, however, you can dine like a celebrity. Bring along a double-burner camping stove that will allow you to grill up steaks, asparagus and French bread.

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Don’t forget to tote your favorite bottle of red or white wine to go along with your meal. After all, nothing says glamping like sipping on some vino! You can even get fancier by bringing a cocktail shaker, martini glasses and liquor to whip up some custom cocktails.

Put an Emphasis on Comfort

Think about what you need to live and sleep comfortably, and add those things to your glamping list. For instance, if sleeping on the cold hard ground doesn’t suit you, bring along an air mattress accompanied by silk sheets and a giant, fluffy comforter. If you like the coziness of a sleeping bag, consider getting a sleeping bag liner that protects and feels luxurious against your skin.

Keep the Bugs Away

One of the most annoying aspects of camping is the bugs. Keep these pests away during your glamping adventure by surrounding your yurt or tent with Tiki torches or citronella candles. You can also bring along some insect repellent to ward off mosquitos and other bugs.

Bring the Music

Acoustic campfire songs certainly have their place in glamping, but bring along your iPod and portable speakers as well so you can blast your favorite songs.

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