If you’re looking for patio design ideas to revamp your outdoor space, you may think that you’ve got to spend a pretty penny to do so. Luckily, there are outdoor patio décor and design ideas that won’t break the bank and will create a warm, welcoming space where you want to invite your friends to hang out. Consider these tips for a fabulous and beautiful outdoor area:

Simple Flowers

You don’t need a green thumb to add some flora to your patio. Decorate some flower pots in bright colors and place throughout your outdoor area. A pop of color can make all the difference in making your patio or yard look stunning. Make sure you purchase flowers that need the appropriate amount of sunlight and only take a couple minutes each day to water these plants. Consider lavender if your outdoor space is prone to attracting flies and bees.

A Rug

If you are living in an old apartment building, chances are the surface of your porch isn’t the most inviting. Whether it is an old wooden deck that hands out splinters left and right or a top-floor, black surface that can burn your toes in a second, a rug can be a great relief. Outdoor rugs aren’t overly expensive, and you can find them in anything from neutral beige to vibrant turquoise. You’ll immediately want to spend more time outside after adding an area rug.

A Bit of Paint

Did you inherit your great aunt or grandma’s old patio furniture? While you should feel lucky that you don’t have to spend upward of $100 on a set of table and chairs, you may want to do some tweaking so the furniture fits your style. Get some rustoleum spray paint in whatever color you prefer, and breathe new life into the old duds. If you love the mix-matched look, don’t be afraid to get a little wild with the colors. Add seat cushions for an even nicer aesthetic and cozier style.


Have you ever noticed that patio design ideas with light fixtures just look more elegant? Lights be expensive if you want to deck out the entire space, but one simple strand along a wall or railing is an inexpensive way to bring in light and make it more inviting. Bulb lights are cute and actually emit enough light so that you can see your friends when you’re hanging out on the patio.

Grass Alternatives

Small outdoor spaces in urban centers don’t always have beautiful green grass, and it can be a huge pain to add it yourself. Instead, grab a few bags of mulch–you’ll need more than you might think–and cover up unsightly weeds and dirt. If you really want to make an impact, add mesh underneath the mulch that will shield any weeds from the sun so they don’t creep back.