It’s that wonderful time of year when pumpkins and witch hats start popping up all over the place. I always get super pumped for fall activities as soon as October hits, but my favorite event of the season, by far, is Halloween.

What’s not to love about this magical time of year? You get to eat a bunch of candy, snuggle into a blanket to watch scary movies, and wear costumes! The best part is that decorating for Halloween starts early in the month, so I get to enjoy the creative ornamentation on neighboring apartments just as much as my own.

Get into the holiday spirit this year by going all out when decorating your apartment. To inspire your seasonal adornments, here are a few Halloween ideas for your apartment:

Pumpkins Galore!

Halloween Ideas for Decorating Your Apartment - Pumpkins Galore

Pumpkins and other ornamental squash are basically a necessity when it comes to decorating your apartment. I plan on going to a local pumpkin patch to find my perfectly shaped squash, but you can always pick one up at the nearest grocery store.

I love working pumpkins into my decorating scheme because I can use them in so many different ways. The ornamentation opportunities are practically endless!

For example, get yourself a big carving pumpkin to make a couple of jack-o-lanterns. You can carve out a face or create a cool design to make a really eerie lamp.

Medium-sized pumpkins can be set along a mantle or the tops of kitchen cabinets with a thin fall garland or pinecones for an appealing display, and mini pumpkins can be used for drawing faces or constructing a festive centerpiece.

Don’t limit yourself to the traditional orange gourds, either. Instead, mix it up by picking white or carnival pumpkins to diversify the look.

Mood Lighting

Halloween Ideas for Decorating Your Apartment - Mood Lighting

Other Halloween ideas you should implement include changing the lighting. Along with your jack-o-lanterns, mix up your apartment illumination by using string lights along the ceiling. Orb lights in particular will illuminate your space well while still giving you that Halloween vibe. I don’t know about you, but they kind of remind me of will-o’-the-wisps.

Candle light is another fantastic way to set a mysterious atmosphere, however, some apartments don’t allow candles for safety reasons. Fortunately, you can use electric candles instead to get a similar effect.

Decorative Jars

Halloween Ideas for Decorating Your Apartment - Decorative Jars

I love the versatility of jars. They can be used for canning, storage, or decoration! I like to use these glass containers during the holidays to adorn the mantle or end tables.

You can make plain jars special in a few different ways. For instance, since this holiday is big on candy, fill the jars with different treats. Candy corn is a popular choice because of its vibrant colors, but I prefer other Halloween-colored candies like M&Ms or chocolate wrapped in foil with an eyeball printed on it.

If you like crafts, you could also paint the jars various colors. Try mixing up the look by painting some a solid shade and others two or three colors.

Welcoming Entryway

Halloween Ideas for Decorating Your Apartment - Welcoming Entryway

Don’t forget to adorn the outside of your door or your entryway so all of your neighbors can see your enthusiasm for the holiday. This one is a bit more dependent on the neighborhood, but if you’re friendly with the people in your apartment, go wild.

So far, I have a wooden ghost ornament hanging from my door, but there’s more to come. An idea that I really like is finding an old entrance mat and using black spray paint to create a silhouette of a bat or witch hat.

As far as I know, my apartment doesn’t do trick-or-treating, but if it did, I would definitely use a pumpkin and stool to let people know that I was participating in the festivities. I’d make this clear by writing “candy here!,” or some variation on the face of the pumpkin.

If your complex is having a trick-or-treat night, make sure you do something similar to let kids know you have candy for them.

The best part about putting up all these decorations now, is that if you decide to have a Halloween party, you won’t have to add too much else to your space. So, go wild with your Halloween ideas this year and see what spooktacular decorations you can come up with.

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Halloween Ideas for Decorating Your Apartment