Having a cluttered and non-functional home office can make working a real drag–and your brain super scattered. Knowing how to decorate a home office with a warm, welcoming vibe and fresh look will make the space entirely yours. After all, you’re working from home … why not have some fun with it?

Think Simple

If you’re looking for home office decorating ideas that will make your space feel professional, consider a minimal design. Cluttering your space with things can create a hectic atmosphere that is not ideal for being productive. Paint the room (if you can) a calming blue or gray and hang a simple piece of décor. You can create a small collage of photo frames or mirrors for an eye-catching, yet subtle, wall centerpiece.

Go Natural

If your home office is a room with lots of natural light, don’t cover it up with heavy drapery. Pick a light-colored, flowing curtain that lets the sun shine in–who wants to be in a dark, dim room while working? You may even want to add some greenery with a houseplant in your office.

Get Organized

For some people, there’s nothing worse that working in a space that is cluttered and full of junk. Keeping your room tidy will keep your mind organized so you don’t procrastinate and decide to clean instead of work. Place shelves along the wall above your desk to store binders and bins that hold any items that you need for work. Have a woven cork, white or chalk board to pin notes and reminders above your desk.

Personalize It

Anything that may motivate you, stir creativity or promote a streamlined thought process should be included in the décor. Maybe you love vintage art and work as a graphic designer: Hang old movie posters, album covers or antique paintings in your space. Surrounding yourself with belongings that you cherish can be a great way to feel comfortable in your work environment. Photos of family members, pets or friends will bring a homey atmosphere into the room.

Arrange Appropriately

Do you find that you work better in a confined space? Have your desk facing a wall or in a small nook in your home office. If you enjoy facing the outdoors, put your desk up against the window.