Whether you want to stretch your budget a little further, give your pet a healthier option, or simply partake in a do-it-yourself project, homemade pet food can be a fun and productive activity. Though it is smart to check recipes with your vet before giving your animal a homemade meal, there are several ingredients for each common pet that can be used to make delicious and nutritious concoctions.

Homemade Pet Food for Dogs

Canine food can be expensive, and it is sometimes difficult to find a brand or flavor that fits your pet’s fancy. Here are several ingredients that can be contained in homemade dog food that will intrigue even the fussiest pups:

  • Red Meat: It’s not just a myth perpetuated by cartoons–red meat in the form of steaks or hamburgers are loved by the entire canine species. These products also contain essential nutrients such as selenium, fat, potassium and iron that dogs need to stay healthy.

  • Raw Liver: This is a particular favorite of all types of dogs, and even the smell of this tasty product will cause a frenzy around meal time. Just be careful, as any type of raw meat can be dangerous when not properly selected.

  • Vegetables: Though you wouldn’t often associate fruits and vegetables with a happy dog’s diet, the proper preparation of a vegetarian dish will be popular with many canines. Consider including carrots, broccoli, zucchini, oats and rice in a tasty dish for Fido.

Homemade Pet Food for Cats

Though cats are often difficult to get a handle on, especially compared to dogs, there are a variety of ingredients that will be gobbled up and help assist the total health of household felines.

  • Fish: An obvious choice for anyone who has opened a can of tuna around a cat, fish is one of the favorite meats of house cats. Smaller fish and other simple seafoods should be the staple of any homemade cat food.

  • Foods to avoid: Though certain trends have seemed to push the inclusion of vegetables, grains and plant-based foods into cat food, these products might give felines an upset stomach. Meats, as well as milk and cheese in moderation, are often the safest bets with these pets.  

Have you tried homemade pet food? Share your advice in the comments!