“Alright, I’m working out when I get back from the office today.” Fast forward to 5 o’clock and I remember I have to go to the grocery store, do the dishes that have been piled up in my sink for a week, and catch up on emails.

Although we all try to make time for exercise, sometimes it just doesn’t happen. The demands of everyday life can often get in the way. But you don’t have to make a trip to the gym in order to stay in shape.

Want to know how to burn calories easily? Chores. Nothing better than killing two birds with one stone. Get your apartment sparkling and break a little bit of a sweat with this home workout:


Grab a mop or a broom and go clean the floors of your apartment, starting with the dirtiest areas (i.e., by the stove or near the front door). Then make your way to the cleaner parts of the ground. If you go to town on your floors for an hour, you’ll be burning an average of 240 calories.

Wash and Dry Dishes

I don’t have a dishwasher at my apartment, so bowls, plates, cups, and silverware pile up fairly quickly in my sink. I can’t leave them sitting there for more than a few days, otherwise my kitchen and apartment will start to smell.

However, there is a positive that comes out of washing your dishes. Sure, it will make your kitchen look nicer, but you’ll also be burning about 100 calories in the process (that’s if you wash and dry for an hour).

Doing dishes doesn’t have to be super boring, through. If you have a TV within sight, you can catch up on your favorite programs. I personally like to create a playlist of the songs I’m obsessed with at the moment and sing along (badly) while I clean.

Do Your Hair

Guys, this one might not apply to you as much. But ladies, if you set your alarm a bit earlier and experiment with one of those Pinterest hairstyles you’ve always wanted to try, you could burn some calories before even starting your day.

Styling your hair for 35 minutes will knock off approximately 100 calories. And even if your ‘do turns out looking disastrous, you can have peace of mind knowing that you at least burned calories in the process. Gotta focus on the positives, right?

Scrub Your Bathroom

Bathrooms get dirty very quickly (especially if you share one with your brother). Take the time to scrub down your floors, tub, sink, and toilet. Doing so will give you a sparkling clean space and burn about 90 calories every 15 minutes. All that scrubbing will tone your arms in no time– yay chores!

Catch Up with Friends

Alright, this isn’t exactly a chore (but I guess it depends on who you’re talking to). When was the last time you called your mom? What about your friend from back home? Picking up the phone and walking as you talk can shred 100 calories if you chat for about 35 minutes.


Remember that Pinterest board filled with recipes? You pinned them for a reason, so why not try them out? Cooking for an hour in the kitchen can burn about 150 calories. Plus, you end up with a (hopefully) delicious meal. Invite a friend over to help with the process and enjoy your creation with you.


My downstairs neighbor doesn’t love it when I vacuum, but my floors and carpet certainly appreciate it. Pushing around the vacuum for 30 minutes can shred up to 119 calories.

Rearrange Furniture

Are you tired of your current apartment layout? Then change it up! Moving around furniture for 25 minutes will reward you with 100 calories burned. There are actually more than a few benefits that can come from rearranging the items in your apartment. It saves your flooring from wear and tear, plus you can finally clean under your couch– I’m guessing there are a few dust bunnies hiding underneath there.

Clean Your Windows

Spend 30 minutes of your day cleaning the windows in your apartment and you’ll burn about 167 calories. Removing all that grime and dirt from the surface of your windows may just let in more natural light. And during the winter season, I’ll take as much sunlight as I can get.