When you move into a new space, especially one with a smaller living room, it may seem like you’re playing Tetris trying to fit all your living room furniture into a cohesive room. You may tweak your apartment living room multiple times before deciding upon the ideal layout, but follow these tips and you’ll be able to squeeze in all your items in a sensible fashion:

Open Concept Living Room

You can really use your creativity with an open concept living room. A sectional sofa is great for this type of apartment living room because you are able to break up the space easily. However, regular sofas and chairs will work just fine. Arrange your television along the far wall of the room so you can see it while cozying up as well as when you’re in the kitchen or dining room. If you want to break up the space more, place the television along the side wall so it sections the living room off more.

Rectangle Living Room

A long, narrow living room is probably one of the most difficult to arrange. In this case, the best type of sofa is a sleek, modern one with a chaise. This way, you can sit or lay down comfortably. Place the television directly in front of the couch (unless there is an obstruction, like a fireplace where you cannot mount the television) on a rectangular stand. In a long living room, you’ll want to keep the foot traffic to one easy path between the sofa and television. If the room is wide enough, you can create a pathway behind the sofa, although it will just take away from the actual living area.

Square Living Room

A square living room is the most common, and you don’t have to question how to arrange furniture too much. If this is the case in your apartment, be careful of doors and windows that you should try not to block off. Simply arrange everything along the walls, and your apartment living room will look seamless.

Tips for How to Arrange Furniture

In a living room, your focal point is likely a television, so this is the first thing you’ll need to arrange. If you have a lot of furniture, the best option is to place the TV in a corner. Then, you can fill in the larger items around it.

Smaller furniture is much easier to arrange, but big furniture can work if you don’t have very many pieces. Just remember, your apartment living room will probably look smaller if it contains bulky furniture. If you need to make the room seem larger than it is, add mirrors along the walls to reflect light.

Narrow furniture is best for a small living room. It will give you ample space for storage and use, but it won’t cut into high traffic areas.