If you’re moving with pets into a new apartment, the prospect of packing everything into boxes and orchestrating moving day probably isn’t the only thing that has you worried. What if your furry friend has trouble adjusting to your new apartment? Experiencing a bit of animal anxiety when being introduced to a new environment is fairly common for pets, but if you take the time to help them adjust to their new home, your pets will be happy and settled in no time.

Stick to the Schedule

With all the changes that happen during the move, sticking to your pet’s schedule is an extremely important component of reducing animal anxiety. If you take your dog on a walk at the same time every day or if your cat always expects to be fed at 7PM, do not deviate from the routine. The new sights and smells will be enough for your furry friend to take in–you don’t want to add a new schedule into the mix.

Introduce Them Slowly

Whether you’re using friends and family or professional movers, you should keep your pet away from the activity and with someone familiar while you’re all hustling back and forth. Then, once the chaos has died down, you can slowly introduce your pet to his or her new surroundings. Spend some quality time together adjusting to the new place, just hanging out and unpacking.

Include Your Dog in the Process

If you have a dog, it will want to feel like a part of the moving process. Although your pet should be kept out of the way during the physical move, allow it to explore the inside of your apartment and the surrounding neighborhood on a leash. Stay by your four-legged friend’s side to help it feel safe while getting used to the new sights and smells.

Give Your Cat Some Space

Cats, on the other hand, will likely hide for a few days after your move. Don’t worry–this is normal! You may want to choose a special room to keep your cat in for a few days before introducing it to the entire apartment. Cats generally need a bit more help adjusting to big changes.

Keep Calm

Remember: Your pets pick up on your emotions and moods, so if you let moving with pets stress you out, they’ll feel anxious too. If you keep yourself happy and calm, soon both you and your furry friend will be well-adjusted to your new digs.