If you are planning on working and going to school at the same time, you’re probably expecting to hit some bumps in the road. While you will have to find a happy balance of work, school and personal time, accomplishing your goals can make all the trouble worthwhile. Working and going to school is tough, but a lot of people do it, and you can too with just a little bit of preparation.

Set Realistic Goals

If you have always been an honor student, you need to realize that it may be difficult to achieve the same goals if you are working. Before setting your schedule, determine how important good grades are to you. You may want to take on fewer classes, or be more rigorous with your time management. Before you start school, be honest with yourself about goals and expectations, and write them down so you can always look back at them.

Use Time Management

Time management skills are one of the most important ingredients of successfully working and going to school. Many people can benefit from writing down a schedule that outlines work, class and homework. Don’t forget to add things like working out and sleeping into your routine. Once you’ve plotted out your day, week and month, you will have a better understanding of how long assignments should take you and what kind of social activities you can work into your schedule.

Get Support

If you have a loved one nearby to encourage you along the way, working and going to school is going to be much easier! Recruit a family member, friend or significant other to act as your coach to get you through those sticky times when you think you can’t do it. If you have a solid group of people there when you need a shoulder to cry on, guidance or a simple “I believe in you,” you will be able to go that extra mile.

Don’t Forget “Me” Time

Balancing work and school is hard, but if you don’t take some time once in awhile to go out with friends, meet up with family members or even sit in a park and read a book, you’re going to get overwhelmed quickly. When you are setting your schedule, try to have one day a week when you don’t have anything work or school related to do.


Are you working and going to school? What are your tips for balancing the two?